Isla Is Three!

August 26, 2016

And just like that you are three years old! Three years of more love, joy and laughter then I ever thought possible. Three years of new experiences, family trips, playing house and dressing up. Three years of watching “Bubble Guppies,” playing games and reading books. Three years or nursery rhymes, colouring books and crafting tables. Three years of yelling, crying and “I’m sorry.” Three years of dirty diapers, bubble baths and combing your hair. Three years of doing our makeup, wearing my shoes and putting on my lipstick. Three years of walks to the playground, trips to the grocery store and ice cream for breakfast. Three years of late nights, early mornings and no sleep at all. Three years of bumps, bruises and scraped knees. Three years of exploration, jumping in puddles and muddy feet. Three years of trips to see grandparents, sleepovers, and trips to the lake. Three years of meltdowns, tantrums and bribery. Three years of big hugs, sloppy kisses and “i love you’s.” Three years of playing with Marley, loving your baby brother and being the best big sister. Three years of imagination, making big messes and not cleaning up. Three years of learning new things, growing bigger and seeing new places. Three years of sass, attitude and devilish grins. Three years of more smiles, tears of joy and pure happiness then I ever thought possible.

Three years ago today, my life changed forever. You made me a mommy. You made me feel more love and hope then I ever thought possible. You gave me my purpose and today I hope to make you feel as important and special as you make me feel. Happy third birthday sweet girl!


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