The Secrets to Potty Training: 3 Easy Steps

October 24, 2016


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The day has come! My 3 year old is officially potty trained. It’s bitter sweet in a sense. It’s just something else to prove to me that my sweet little baby is not one anymore. She is a growing girl gaining more and more independence and confidence every day.

Our potty training journey started when Isla was 18 months old. We purchased a potty to have around the house and a book that we could read to her all about the joys of using a potty. We tried using it here and there but I didn’t want to stress out about her using it and I didn’t want to force the situation at all because I knew it would backfire on me. Well, nearly a year and a half later, Isla is potty trained. The big point to this story is that it only took us 2 days. Seriously! She is fully trained, I never have to ask if she has to go, she has had no accidents, she uses the toilet at home and everywhere else AND wakes up in the middle of the night and uses the potty on her own in her room. It’s amazing how quickly she figured it all out and all because she guided us along.

Here are the 3 simple steps we used to get our daughter potty trained.

  • Wait Until They Are Ready: I can’t stress this enough. The few times we tried to train Isla before just ended up with a crying toddler and a miserable and frustrated mom in the corner (that would be me). I knew after the first few attempts that it was a loss cause. She loved her diaper, didn’t care if she was dirty or not and that old potty started to collect dust in the corner. She wanted nothing to do with it. It wasn’t until she turned 3 that she really started to take notice of that plastic pee collector in the corner and literally she peed in it one day and that was it. She was a pro and needed no help or prompting after that. She liked the feeling of doing something on her own and not needing anyones help. Side note: When they do go on the potty for the first time, celebrate it! Jump up and down, give high fives, hug and kiss and call everyone you know! They need to know that what they just did was a major thing because it is!
  • Use a Reward System – I did not want to have to bribe my child with candy and promises of new toys but I knew I had to do something to reward her and keep her excited for using the potty so I went out and spent $5 at the dollar store and purchased some random little items. Things she would be excited to get but also that she wouldn’t miss after a few days of them “disappearing.” I also created a cool chart to hang in the bathroom and bought her some awesome stickers that she could put on whenever she went to the bathroom. It made her love the whole process even more. After the two days when all the stickers were used and there were no more prizes to give out, she was set and hasn’t asked for anything since. To her, the reward now is her using the toilet on her own. I’m just glad I didn’t have to bribe her with candy!
  • Get Rid Of The Diapers – This is what was holding us back the first few times we tried. She would be in her underwear for a few hours and then she would spot her diapers and demand to put them on so this time around I got rid of them all. This way there was no turning back for myself or for her. I kept a few training underwear which we only use at night and she knows that they are just “thicker underwear” only to be used when she is sleeping.

Moral of the story is, save yourself the struggles and watch for your little ones cues. It may not happen when you want it to but when they are ready it will make the process so much easier and enjoyable for everyone!

Take advantage and print my free Potty Chart below! Use the hashtag #myturquoisehomekids to show your little ones successes!


Printable My Potty Chart





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