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Isla’s 1 Month Update and Favourites

Wow! Can’t believe our baby girl is one month old already. Time sure flies when you are having fun! We have seen a lot of changes in Isla since we brought her home from the hospital!

Weight: Isla was 7lbs, 5oz at birth. When we left the hospital she was 6lbs, 8oz. Her last few appointments she was steady at 6lbs, 15oz so she has been looked at weekly by the doctor. She finally made it to 7lbs, 2oz and last week we were very excited to finally see that she surpassed her birth weight and is now 7lbs, 9oz. I can’t wait to see how much she has gained at her next checkup!

Health: Other than trying to get her weight up, things have been great. We pray that it will continue to stay that way.

Sleep: Isla is a pretty good sleeper. Some days she naps a lot and other days she wants to be up and hanging out with us all day! We are going to start sleep training in the next month or so, so hopefully we will be able to get her on a nap time schedule. At night she is pretty wide-eyed until 10:30pm. When she does finally fall asleep, we usually don’t hear from her until 6am. Sometimes it’s an hour earlier. She will feed for a good half hour and then fall back asleep quickly and she will stay like that till about 9am.

Social: She is getting so smiley! She smiles all the time and loves to mimic our mouth movements and you can tell that she wants to communicate with us so badly because she has really started to make some adorable sounds! She is pretty content for the most part. If she does get fussy, it’s usually in the evening and it seems to be gas related. When that happens, look out! Nothing can make her happy. Poor thing. When it passes though, she is back to herself. I find that doing the bicycle with her legs, rubbing her tummy, burping her and walking around the house really seems to settle her down.

Diet: When Isla was born, she had trouble latching on. She was given a bit of formula in the beginning to make sure she was getting what she needed. When we got home, we continued breastfeeding and used a nipple shield which really helped. By the time she was 5 days old, she was a pro and able to breastfeed all the time. She usually gets between 20 and 25 ounces a day of breast milk. I usually pump 3 or 4 times a day as well, just so I have bottles in the house so my husband Dana can feed her the odd time. It’s also a nice feeling to have the bottles as a backup in case I were to get sick or needed to be out of the house for a while. It’s also a nice bonding time for Isla and her Daddy.

Clothes: Isla has been in Newborn clothing up until now. She swam in the 0-3 month clothing. She still swims in it but because she is so long now, NB clothing just doesn’t fit her comfortably length wise.

Crying: She cries when she is hungry and when her diaper needs to be changed. We still haven’t quite figured out if they are different cries, but usually those are the 2 reasons. When she is fussy and gassy, her cry is very different. You can tell it’s an uncomfortable cry and that she just wants to be held and comforted.

Likes: Isla loves her Bright Starts Bouncy Chair, she seems to enjoy Tummy Time too. She is very strong for a 5 week old. Her neck strength already is crazy! She also loves laying on our legs and looking at us while we talk and smile at her. She loves her head and cheeks rubbed and she LOVES looking at ceiling fans and lights! They will entertain her for hours.

Postpartum: I feel very blessed with how I feel after birth. Even 2 days after, I was comfortable walking around and did not experience hardly any discomfort. I didn’t even need to take the Tylenol and such that the hospital gave me. I put on 35 pounds with this pregnancy and I am a few pounds away from being back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Mentally, I also feel great and Dana and I are just so happy everyday that we were able to have this beautiful baby girl.

Milestones: Her smiles have been the most amazing thing so far! She knows when you are playing with her and trying to make her laugh. It is so cute to watch her expressing how excited she is by her smiles and her cooing sounds!

Baby Gear We Love:

Baby 411 – This book has been fantastic! Filled with tons of useful information that is easy to understand. If you have any question at all about what to expect in the first year, this book has the answer.

The First Years miPump Double Electric Breast Pump – This has been a great pump for the price; under $100 for the double.

Jolly Jumper Nursing Pillow – This is probably my favourite item. The pillow is great for keeping Isla and I comfortable while nursing and it also doubles as a great place for her to nap in (while I am beside her of course). It has also been great to lay her in while she sits under her play gym.

Bright Starts Vintage Garden Cradling Bouncer – What would we do without this bouncer?! This is what are baby girl has been sleeping in at night beside our bed. For now she definitely likes being cradled and this gives her that comfort until she is able to stretch out when we move her to her crib.

Cloud B Sheep Sleep On The Go Portable Plush Sound Machine – Isla seems to be so soothed when we turn this machine on for her bedtime. There are 4 different sounds. The ‘Raindrops’ seems to be her favourite. The volume is adjustable and there is also a timer. It can be attached to her bouncer, her crib or her stroller.


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means that if you click on something that I love and you purchase it, I will receive a small commission. Don’t worry though; I only link to things that I absolutely love and use! You will just be helping me afford my iced coffee addiction!

Thank you for reading!

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