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Baby Gap and Carter’s Haul

It’s a known fact that baby clothes are tiny so they shouldn’t take up much room right!?!? WRONG! If they weren’t so dang cute then my husband and I wouldn’t purchase so much and wouldn’t have a closet full of Isla’s clothes!!! (we aren’t really that bad) She needs them though right and with every new season comes new clothing!

Dana went to Carter’s this past week because they were having a 20% off everything sale so he had to take advantage of that. Lucky for us if was for fleece pajamas and other warm pants and sweatshirts that she needs for winter. He did a great job! I plan on going back in the next week to use up a gift card we got and to get Isla some holiday themed clothing as she only has one pair of Christmas pjs and we can’t have that!

Assorted onesies, pants, leggings and fleece sweatshirts.

Fleece sleepers! Can’t go wrong with zebra print!

A few weeks ago I got a card sent to me in the mail from Gap for 50% off of everything including Baby Gap so I ordered a pair of pants, leggings, booties for the impending cold weather and an adorable little cream coloured onesie with a little navy bow at the neck.

What are your favourite places to shop for your little ones?
Thanks for reading!
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