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5 Month Update and Favourites

Weight: Isla’s weight just keeps getting better and better. We are still meeting with our doctor a couple times a month to make sure she is still progressing. We just met with her this past Friday and she was 11lbs, 12oz so another 2 pounds has been gained! She actually has a couple of leg rolls now and a bit of a belly. It’s so nice to see!

My absolute favourite picture of the photo shoot!

you can read more about that here) where she could only sleep in her swing, but other than that, she loves her nursery and having her own space. As far as her sleeping habits throughout the day, they are on and off. She usually naps in the morning and afternoon; sometimes for 3o minutes at a time or 2 hours. It all depends on how she is feeling I guess.
Social: SMILE, SMILE, SMILE! She is so easily impressed! Everything to her deserves a smile and the last few days she is giggling at herself and at her toys and when she sneezes! She still enjoys babbling on and on about her days. She loves meeting new people and really looks around the room to see all of the different faces. We took an Infant First Aid and CPR course last week and there were other babies there and Isla was definately focused in on the other little ones. She seems to be alittle bashful sometimes with new people, but it doesn’t take her long to warm up to them.
Diet: Still breastfeeding and giving formula when needed. The last week though, I haven’t had to supplement any formula. We may try solids in the next month. She seems to be interested in what we are eating.
Clothes: We are into 3-6 month outfits and sleepers and some 6 month outfits as well. Every clothing company is different right, so some outfits we are still wearing are 3 month ones. We won’t be in those for long though. I just packed up a bunch today 🙁
Crying: We are blessed with a very content baby. She cries when she is hungry, tired and wants to be held. I wouldn’t even consider them cries. They are more sounds of annoyance. 
Likes: Isla loves her bath, chewing on her fingers (she is for sure starting teething), Sophia the Princess, blowing bubbles, dogs, her crib and cups/bottles. She gets so excited when she sees either one and mimics Dana and I when we are drinking. She is going to love a sippy cup that’s for sure.
Dislikes: Can’t think of anything this month. She seems to love everything. Isla is such a happy baby and loves life! She may hate everything next month but for now she is happy go lucky.
Postpartum: My knees are still feeling rough, but I have started working out again and I can feel myself getting stronger everyday. I have started Yoga and I am hoping that will help with my flexibility and knee troubles. I am also having a spa day next week that includes a message, facial and pedicure. I am so excited to get pampered!
Milestones: Everyday she is accomplishing something amazing. This month she is really holding her head up for long periods, she is able to hold herself up completely in her excersaucer, she is rocking tummy time and is able to sit by herself for a few seconds with her arms holding her up. She also tries to get up on her knees when she is on her belly. I think she is practicing for crawling. Oh yes and going to her crib is a huge milestone for us. She transitioned to it so beautifully. We couldn’t be any happier about that. There are probably other things I am missing but it’s all I can think of at the moment. Oh and finding things funny! It’s great that she knows when we are trying to joke with her. She loves to giggle at us.

1. Blooming Bath – We got this in hopes of being able to use it in our sink to bath Isla. It worked well a few times but then she got too long. I am glad I didn’t give it away because we use this for her baths in the big tub now. It works perfectly. You lay her on it and she just floats around. It allows her to still be able to splash around in the water and it keeps her safe as well.

2. Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium – Isla has this attached to her crib. It has been helpful in getting her to drift away to sleep. Not to mention it is so cute!

3. Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Softly Book – This book is part of our nightly routine. It’s Dr. Seuss! There is not much else to say!

4. Levana Snuza – We were lucky to receive this as a gift. It’s a movement monitor that you attach on your babies diaper. There is an alarm that will sound after 15 seconds if it doesn’t detect your baby breathing. This was really important for me to have because I was a stress case when it came to Isla sleeping in her nursery and her crib for the first time. This helps me to sleep a bit more soundly at night.

5. Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor – This goes with the Snuza above and again the fact that I stress so with this, I am able to keep an eye on her at any time. The quality is really great too and has great features like monitoring the temperature in her room and only turning the screen on when she moves or makes noises.

6. Bamboo Baby by Aleva Naturals Pacifier and Toy Wipes – These are great for your diaper bag. We use these when we are out and about and have to clean off her paci or if she drops a toy on the ground. They are a practical and everyday essential.


5 Month Photo Shoot
Thanks for reading.
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