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15 Things In My Diaper Bag

Oh the diaper bag! The one accessory every mom needs! Now adays there are so many styles, colours and options out there that the task of choosing one can be quite daunting. Even Michaels Kors makes a diaper bag that you would swear was your purse BEFORE baby! Only when you look inside and see a onesie, butt paste, wetones, soothers and diapers do you realize that you are carrying one. I looked at quite a few before I settled on one from Target. I chose this particular one because it gave us the best of both worlds. My husband or I can carry it around but it is also water proof and offers a plastic liner and lots of pockets. It seemed the most practical and at a great price point.

Without further ado…here’s what’s in my diaper bag!!!

A couple of things I did forget are Wetones and sanitizer that I also keep in my bag.

If we are only going to be out for a couple of hours, then I will bring a couple of cloth diapers and my wet bag.

I can’t think of anything else. Am I missing something?! What do you put in your diaper bag?

Thanks for reading.

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