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Our Family Day Long Weekend

This holiday long weekend was picture perfect…literally! Saturday we had a nice lunch with my mother and father in law and they got to see and play with Isla for a while. Dana made us delicious quesadillas for lunch!

On Sunday, we went to the City of Kingston Greenhouse. I heard about it last year and we never had a chance to go so I really wanted to try to make it there this year and I am glad we did! It was perfect and just what we needed to interrupt this cold, grey and brutal winter! We were immediately transported to a warm, colourful and somewhat tropical climate. There were plants, flowers and trees from all over the world and the smell was enough to make you forget everything and just focus on the beauty around you. Isla slept for most of it but I have no problem taking her back again! Take a look at the pictures. They speak for themselves.

She wasn’t amused.

 Yesterday was a holiday Monday; Family Day! It was our first official Family Day together with Isla and it was wonderful. We actually didn’t leave the house all day. We turned off the T.V. for the whole day and just hung out as a family. We played with Isla and focused all of our attention on her. We ate a delicious lunch and dinner together, laughed, sang songs, read books and rolled around on the floor with our baby girl. I couldn’t of asked for a better day. Isla seemed to have lots of fun too! 

Family Day selfie! This was the best one. Isla wouldn’t look up for any of them.
Rack of Lamb for dinner! I am so lucky to have a Chef for a husband!
What did you do for Family Day!? I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
Thanks for reading.

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