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6 Month Update and Favourites

First off…how did we get here?! How am I doing Isla’s 6 month update. Everyday is a new adventure and this little lady has given us more joy in the last 6 months that we could ever imagine! So excited for what’s to come.

Just sittin’ up! No biggie!

Weight: At Isla’s 6 month check-up she was 14lbs and 3oz. She has pretty much doubled her weight in the last few months. She is exactly where she needs to be and we couldn’t be happier.

1. Razbaby RaZ-berry TeetherThis is a gem! It has helped us greatly when Isla has uncomfortable days with her teething. She just loves it.

2. Exersaucer Triple Fun Entertainer – Life in The AmazonIsla wasn’t so sure about this in the beginning but she loves it now! She knows how to spin herself around to play with different toys. She loves the parrot and talks to it. I think its really helped with her neck strength as well.

3. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Singing Story time PuppyThis is her best friend. She “kisses” his nose and smiles at the songs he sings.

4. Bumbo Chair – This has probably been mentioned as a favourite before but we stopped using it for a bit and started again the last few weeks. I forgot how much she enjoys sitting up in it and she enjoys the tray that we got for it. We put all of her toys on it and she can play for hours.

5. Lamaze Sophia the Princess – The Lamaze toys have been a big hit for us. The bright colours and fun textures have Isla hooked! Sophia is a new one we just added to her collection and she can’t put her down. Her skirt if crinkly and Isla loves that.

6. Halo SleepsackThis is so nice to have in the dead of winter. Soft and warm, it gives our baby the blanket feel without the blanket. She seems to sleep much better when she is in a sleepsack.

6 Month Photo Shoot and Other Favourites
The photo shoots are getting harder/funnier to do.
All she wants to do it move around so it can be harder to get the shots I want.
They are still so cute though!



What was your little one up to at 6 months old?
Thanks for reading.

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