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7 Month Update and Favourites

Weight: At Isla’s last checkup she was 14lbs, 3oz. She has since grown out of quite a few things. She is definitely 15lbs now if not more.
Health: Her baby eczema seems to have gotten a lot better since her last update. I am not sure if it is the Hazelwood necklace I got her that has cleared it all up or not. I would like to think it is. Her skin in some spots still gets a bit red in the bath, but nothing like last month. The calendula cream is still a daily staple and also seems to be helping.

Sleep:  She is still a great sleeper. In the last month or so, once a week she has an off night where she finds it hard to fall asleep and then she will wake up a few times throughout the night. She never stays up for long. I am convinced she just misses her mommy and wants some extra snuggle time!
Social: Isla is talking even more and she has started talking to all of her toys and laughing at them and spitting at them. Spitting is her favourite! She is comfortable when we are out and about and visiting, but she is definitely more like herself when she is at home. She really is becoming a little girl and is showing all sides to her personality. She can be serious, silly, goofy, upset, happy and relaxed all in the same breath! She is SO vocal. She babbles on and on and on and can spend 10 minutes just laughing at herself. It is so funny! She definitely has both of our personalities. It’s wonderful to see them starting to come through now.

1. ‘Rainbow’ the Fish – This was a gift that my parents brought back Isla from Brazil. Do not let the big teeth scare you. Isla finds him hilarious and laughs her bum off while she is being changed. He hangs from the ceiling and springs up and down. Unfortunately this little guy can’t be purchased on Amazon!

2. Aden & Anais Cotton Muslin Lovey – This is Isla’s new favourite toy of the moment. She wraps her little arms around it and doesn’t let go. The softness is enough to have me cuddling up next to them.

3. The Berenstain Bears Storybook BibleI love reading this book to Isla. Introducing her to the Bible is very important to our family. She will enjoy it even more when she gets older but for now she likes the colourful pages and listening to mommy talk about the Bible.

4. Bright Start Chill and Teethe Teethers – Isla has been teething quite badly the last month and these have been a huge help for her. The coldness sooths her poor mouth right away. They are a great size for her to hold and she could chew on them for hours.

7 Month Photo Shoot and Other Favourites

She is totally holding Stella’s hand! So cute!

Favourite iPhone Pics

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