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It’s crazy how days can go sometimes. Today started out just as any other day and then BAM, our basement floor is covered in water. Seriously!?  This is so not what we need right now. To top it all off, my clothes in the dryer are still wet after they have been drying on high for almost an hour! Our washer and dryer have been given us trouble since we purchased them brand new only 2 years ago. Plus, I have been having dreams about our basement flooding. Weird right?! By 10am this morning we had calls into our insurance company to send a plumber and a call into a repair company to come take a look at our washer and dryer! Is it bedtime yet?!
The wonderful part of my day though has been this little lady. I don’t know what it is about today but this girl seems to have grown up over night, not to mention I swear her hair has grown another inch since she went to bed last night. She has really mastered sitting up and has been doing this all morning all while playing with her toys. I also swear that she has learned how to wave bye as she has done it once already today. We have also been teaching her some sign language  and have been teaching her the sign for ‘milk’ when she is hungry. I swear she signed that to me today.  It was around the time when she eats so it very well could of been, or she was just making hand gestures. I don’t know but the point is, this little gal needs to stop growing so quickly. She sure has helped me forget about the fact that my clothes are still wet and so is our basement floor! Wish us luck!
Here are some cute pictures to get you through the day if you are having a not so fun one as well!

Thanks for reading.

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