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Isla and Mommy Approved: Safety 1st Posh Pod Highchair Review

Since starting solids with Isla, we have been spending a lot of time in her new highchair. I researched a lot of highchairs before asking for this one as a baby shower gift. We knew we wanted something that was safe, simple and easy to clean. This Safety 1st Posh Pod Highchair did all these things and so much more.

1. Safety – This is a sturdy highchair with an adjustable 5-point safety harness. It also offers a comfortable and cushioning seat for contouring support and a footrest.

2. Simple – We wanted something that didn’t have a bunch of attachments, super thick padding and bulky extras that just aren’t needed. This comes with what you need and we don’t lose Isla to all the “fluff” when we put her in it. It is also lightweight and easy to move from spot to spot.

3. Modern – We had a hard time finding something that suited are home and lifestyle. As mentioned above, we are not fans of some of the big, bulky and all plastic highchairs they have out there. They just weren’t appealing to us at all. We wanted something with sleek lines that could really mesh well with our current furniture. This does all that while giving us a funky addition to our home.

4. Space – This fits perfectly at our table and can also be pushed nicely into the corner when it is not needed. The legs are wide enough that it offers great balance when Isla is in it but you won’t be tripping over it because the legs are in the way!

5. Cleanliness – This baby is so easy to clean. It is waterproof with a seat cushion and tray that come off super easily. There are also no little cracks for food to get stuck. It is also hypoallergenic which is a nice bonus for anyone.

Other Pros:

  • Legs come off easily for storage.
  • Seat is straighter than others.
  • Price point is great at under $100.00


  • The highchair and footrest itself are not adjustable.

Disclaimer- We received this highchair as a present and I am not being compensated by Safety 1st for this review.

I hope this post was helpful.

Thanks for reading.

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