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Now that Isla is in a new stage of her little life; the “getting bigger and smarter by the day” stage, everything suddenly changes. New clothing is needed, bigger socks and shoes and not to mention the types of toys she is now interested in is a whole other ball game. We spent a recent morning at Babies ‘R’ Us and also hit up the sales at Baby Gap and Old Navy. Here is what we scored!
At Baby Gap we got Isla an adorable dress, 2 bodysuits and a pair of leggings.
At Old Navy we got her another adorable dress, a pair of shorts, 2 undershirts,
2 leggings, a pair of sneakers and of course her first pair of flip flops! If she is anything like her mother, she will love flip flops! Summer please get here soon!!!
At Babies ‘R’ Us we had to buy some new Avent 9oz bottles, a teething soother,
new pacifiers, socks and a super scoop toy holder for the bath tub.
We also bought her a few new toys to add to her collection.

Anything specific you had to have for your 6 month old? Please comment below. I would love to hear!

Thanks for reading.

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