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8 Month Update and Favourites

Weight: Isla doesn’t get weighed until the end of May so it’s hard to say but if I had to take a guess I would say 17 to 18lbs give or take. Everyday she looks chubbier and chubbier and adding on rolls.
Health: Low grade fevers here and there with her teething but baby Tylenol seems to clear that up right away.

Sleep:  Still sleeping 12 hours straight at night! She is such a great sleeper. Naps are pretty consistent too. She usually naps for an hour around 11am and then another hour around 4pm. Some nights she wakes up crying but I have learned that babies start to dream and can even have nightmares at this age so I think that’s it. She will wake up, put her soother back in her mouth and then she’s asleep again.
Social: Isla is funny! I think we are going to have our hands full with this one! lol Seriously though, she is super talkative, loves the camera and will start talking super loud if she thinks she is being ignored. She is also getting attached to certain toys and she will cry if it is taken away or if she drops it. She smiles at everyone no matter who they are or where we are. The other day we were at Walmart and had a circle of people around us because she was smiling and laughing at everyone that came within a foot of her. It was so cute!

1. Isla’s iPhone – Isla is obsessed with cell phones and tries to grab mine or Dana’s whenever she gets the chance. I came across this wooden phone on Etsy from the store 3Princesses. The detail on it is amazing and you can have your LO’s name etched in on it as well. She LOVES this thing. We pretend to answer the phone and give it to her. She always laughs at that. It is safe to chew on and nice and light weight for her to carry. It has been a huge hit. Imagine…something so simple as a piece of wood!

2. Teething Necklace – This has been great the last little while. Isla now gets easily distracted while nursing and she is always grabbing for something…let me rephrase that; scratching the crap out of my chest while she is nursing. I have seen different types of teething necklaces and decided to make my own out of silicone beads. I now wear it all the time. Isla plays with it while nursing and it keeps her relaxed and the beads are great for her to chew on. I have made a couple extra and put them on my Etsy shop. More to come!

3. Baby Bullet – I have been putting this to great use in the last couple of months and it has been a wonderful help with making Isla’s baby food. It is great for doing single servings and batches which is what I do a lot of. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it is BPA free!

4. Leap Frog Picnic Basket – This was given to Isla from a friend of mine and I couldn’t be happier with Isla’s reaction to it. She loves the little girls voice that plays and all the “food” that comes with it especially the cups. We now have picnic’s everyday and we our learning to share.

5. Aleva Tooth and Gum Wipes – I started using these when Isla got her first tooth and I think they are a nice thing to have. They don’t seem to leave a bad taste her in mouth and leave her mouth clean. When she gets a few more teeth we can start incorporating a toothbrush.

6. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Story time Puppy – When Santa got this for Isla for Christmas, I couldn’t wait till she was able to sit up and play with him. I could just picture them laughing and playing with each other and that’s what they do now! It’s always a fun time when these two get together and I love the interaction Isla gets with the puppy!

8 Month Photos

Thanks for reading.

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