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Our Tuesday & Recent Purchases

Yesterday we had an impromptu Family Day! My husband took a personal day off from work and we hit the road to spend the day in Toronto. Dana’s best friend has been back and forth to Estonia (which is in Europe for those that may not know) for the past couple of years and he was connecting in Toronto for a few hours so it was the perfect opportunity to see him before he went on his travels again. We left in the morning and stopped by the Yorkdale Mall for some shopping! I am obsessed with this place. So many stores and so little time! We spent the afternoon walking, talking, eating and of course making some fine purchases! Randomly, I also ran into an old friend and roommate of mine that I use to live with in Ottawa. I haven’t seen her in almost 3 years. It is such a small world!

Here’s what I found:

Cute jewels and ON SALE at Call it Spring!
Before Isla, Dana would of never been excited to go to The Disney Store
but yesterday was that day! We easily could of gone crazy there but refrained.
We did find this adorable plate for Isla. Ariel was and still is my favourite Disney character. I hope she loves her just as much as I do.
Aldo had a great accessories sale on so I found these cute rings and a beach tote.

Our friend was flying in at 4pm so we made our way over to the airport and met up with him. It was great to see him and was so happy that Dana got to catch up with his friend. It was like no time had ever passed. That’s when you know you have a true friend.

I gotta say…I LOVE going to the airport. I enjoy sitting there and people watching and wondering what everyone’s story is. I look at everyone and wonder what they do, where they are travelling to, where they are travelling from. I feel like it is a place full of interesting and unique stories. Little secret about me. I have always wanted to be a flight attendant. I always thought it would be such a glamorous and amazing job. I interviewed for a position with Air Canada when I was 18. Nothing ever came about it but I often wonder what could of been. Some days I think I would like to try for the job again. Who knows right?! Life can take you anywhere.

Isla was great all day. She is a traveller for sure and loves being on the go. We didn’t get home till late last night and she didn’t get her usual bath, book and lullaby before bed and I was given proof that babies thrive on routine because she was up all night! Happy, crying, hyper…she was all over the map! Could of been the full moon too. Who knows?!

Over the weekend I also went to Carter’s because they had a big sale on and to FINALLY use up a few dollars I had left on a gift card. My goodness the clothing out right now is so cute! I don’t know how you can decide! I love the colours out right now for little girls. Mint, coral, yellow and nautical themed. Just perfect!

I found a cute seahorse set, a whale romper and this
adorable mint green dress with bright pink bicycles on it! Very retro.
A cute neon tank top, birdy sleeper, seahorse outfit
and jean romper finished off my shopping trip.

I also had to get her this adorable fedora!
This will be her first outfit of the summer…if it ever gets here!
Thanks for reading.

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