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10 Month Update and Favourites

10 month’s old! We are in to the double digits folks. I can’t believe how much has changed in the last month. Actually I take that back…the last week. I can’t believe what she has figured out and done in such a short amount of time. It’s amazing and she has really grown in to such a little girl (insert crying face here).

Weight: Last month she was 17lbs, 5oz. She is most definitely 18 pounds at least if not more. I swear she is all thighs and butt now!
Health: Cradle cap was at it’s worst last month. Switching between tea tree oil and baby oil every other day seems to be helping her. She doesn’t seemed bothered by it all but it’s nice to see it clearing up.

Sleep:  Brutal this month if I am being honest! She has been having troubles falling asleep. It takes her atleast an hour which is very unlike her. When she does fall asleep she is up every couple of hours. She seems to be going through a grow spurt because all she wants to do is nurse. Her two top teeth are also coming in so that may have a lot to do with it. She naps great throughout the day, usually 3 hours because she hasn’t been sleeping at night. The last week though she has magically started falling asleep instantly again and sleeps her usual 12 hours. Go figure!
Social: Isla’s shy side has come out this past month. When meeting new people she gives a shy little smirk and then burries her face against me. It is the sweetest thing. She likes to chat with people and smiles at every man she sees. We are going to be in trouble because she will pick out any men in any room and immediately focus on them and starts smiling away. Not just little smiles; big, look at me I am here smiles. Oh Boy! She is also incredibly chatty and loves to hear herself talk.
Diet: I am so happy to have made it this far and still breastfeeding. Hopefully we can continue strong and make it to a year! Isla pretty much loves every food we give her. Anything she wasn’t so fond of we keep giving to and eventually she enjoys it like apples. She loves meats and puffs and eating Mum-Mums! They have really helped her with learning how to feed herself. We are also into all of the chunky meat purees as well as eating lots of non pureed foods like bananas, avacodos, toast, cottage cheese and steamed veggies. She is great with her sippy cup and water and loves prune juice. We went through an episode of constipation a few weeks back and it has really helped her. The last month, I have really become more comfortable with feeding her solids. She seems to be a great little chewer and will not take anything extra in her mouth if it is already full so that makes me feel good! Like everything else though, she has days of eating and other days where she only wants to nurse.
Clothes: Still into 6-12 month clothing and lots of 12-18 month pants because along with her fluff bum from cloth diapering, she has some big thighs going on. I love that now she can just wear comfy summer rompers and not be to contricted by clothing.
Crying: Oh the cries! She has got more different sounds that come out of her now and I think they surprise her just as much as they surprise us. She has different cries for everything and if you aren’t doing something right, you will hear about it!
Likes: OMG this month has been fun! I have said it before and I will say it again but Isla loves music. She moves her little body to anything and everything. Her little arms get going and then her bum and then her legs. She has got better rhythm than me! She also loves to play with her toys. She can entertain herself so well and will sit by herself while I clean or do something around the house and just look at all of her toys. We have a big basket in her play area filled with toys and she dumps it everyday and it’s like she is in heaven. I love watching her look at each one individually, throwing it away and then on to the next one. She is so content on her own and I think that is a great quality to have. She also looks forward to our evening walks, she loves swinging at the playground and being outside in general.
Dislikes: She does not like her exersaucer this month. She will not straigten out her legs for you to put her in the sheet and if I do manage to get her in there then she just cries.
Milestones: Do you have 20 minutes?! This girl has done so much in such a short period of time. She is now fully crawling everywhere and all over the place. She is kind of pulling herself up on things. When you help her up, then she is able to stand on her own for a few seconds. She has also suddenly started to feed herself. Before she would just hold the food in her hand and I would have to put it in her mouth but now she is shoving everything in there AND using her sippy cup and even tilting it to get the water she needs. It really is amazing to watch. She has also randomly figured out how to clap. Just out of the blue, clapping at everything and pointing. She loves to point at anything above her and at her dad. You can stop growing up so fast anytime now Isla!


1. Munchkin Straw Sippy Cup – This was a great find. Isla is still figuring out how this contraption works but the weighted straw is genious. No matter what angle the cup is, the straw still is able to get water. There is also a lock top so no water can spill out and the whole cup comes apart and is easy to clean.

2. Munchkin Mesh Feeders – I may have put these in another favourites but Isla has really started to enjoy these more. They have been great for teething. I just pop a piece of frozen banana in there and she goes to town.

3. Baby Mum-Mum – My mom found these for us and they have been the greatest find ever!!! Isla absolitely loves them and I think they are the main reason why she has figured out to eat and chew better. They have also helped her with bringing food up to her mouth. She will eat a pack in a matter of minutes. They are a big hit with her and us.

4. Badger Baby SPF 30 Sunscreen – This sunscreen is great and zinc oxide based. I have been looking for a natural sunscreen and my mom picked this one up for us. Application is easy and non greasy, it is certified organic, biodegrable and has all the protection us momma’s want for our LO’s.

5. Baby Trends Nursery Center – I just did a review on this. You can check it out here. We use this outside, inside and all over the house. Isla enjoys playing in it and it gives me an extra set of hands when I need to get things done around the house and I don’t want Isla crawling all over the place.

6. Welch’s Prune Nectar – This may seem off and a little TMI but Isla has had some constipation issues throughout the month and this juice has helped huge. We try to incorporate a couple of ounces every other day which was recommended by our doctor and it seems to keep things moving well.

10 Month Photos

Question for you moms and dads out there?! Did you find your babies eating and sleeping habits changed at 10 months? I would love to read your comments below.

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