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Review: Baby Trends Nursery Center

Well folks, Isla is officially on the move and into EVERYTHING! It is so much fun to see her exploring and moving around all over the place. Every once in a while though, if I have to get something done, I will pop Isla in her Baby Trends Nursery Center, or play yard as they now call them. We were gifted this from my generous Aunt Tracey and we are so happy to have it.



Here’s why we love it:

1. Sturdy Design I feel safe letting Isla play in this. Everything is put together well from the mesh walls to the metal frame but yet it is light enough to carry around.

2. Removable Bassinet and Changing Table This is great for the beginning if you have a newborn that is sleeping in your room or if you are outside in the summer. Also great to take to someone’s house and your little one will always have a place to sleep. This part of the play yard should only be used up until 4 months old or 15 pounds. The changing table also comes on and off and serves the same purpose in those beginning stages.

3. Wheels and Brakes The wheels on one end make it incredibly easy to move around from spot to spot; a very nice feature. The wheels also come with brakes because you can never be to careful.

4. Easy Storage This is relatively easy to collapse and store. Each railing unlocks with a simple squeeze and the bottom handle turns to unlock so the play yard can be pulled together and easily stored in its tote bag. Of course it would be awesome if you could just touch a button and everything just closed on it’s own but this works pretty well once you do it a few times and then it becomes second nature.

A few other points to make is that it is fairly light (I can carry it around comfortably), offers plush padding for your baby to play on, it also comes with a wind up mobile that can attach to the railing and it can also be used up until 30 pounds.

All in all, I am happy with this product and feel that it is an important item to have. It can be used in so many ways and can give you piece of mind when you need to accomplish some things around the house like cooking or cleaning and you need your babe to be secure. We also use it a lot outside now that the nice weather is here!

Do you use any type of play yard? Do you find they are helpful or just take up space?! I would love to hear your opinion?

Disclaimer- We received this play yard as a present and I am not being compensated by Baby Trends for this review. I wanted to give you my opinion on a product I love.

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