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As I sit here and type this post, this is the first time I have sat down in weeks it feels like. It has been busy and filled with a lot of family time and new experiences for Isla. She has grown so much over the past few days and I would love to share with you all of her new experiences this past week and weekend.

Our weekend was spent at my parent’s place in Renfrew. My dad came and picked Isla and I up in Kingston on Saturday morning. We had a beautiful day for driving and even made some stops along the way in Westport and in Balderson for some cheese.

On Saturday night we had a family reunion and Isla got to meet some of her relatives. We have always known that Isla loves music but there was a band playing and I swear her head would of fallen off if it wasn’t screwed on! She was shaking her head and moving her arms, sticking her tongue out and singing! It was the cutest thing. We kept her out a bit later than usual, about 10pm but it was totally worth it to see all the fun she was having.

Sunday morning we went up to the Fly In Breakfast! What is a Fly In Breakfast you ask?! Well my Dad belonged to a flying club for years and every year in June they have a breakfast where people from all over come to eat a delicious meal, hear some fiddle music and watch the planes fly in and take off. It really is such a wonderful experience. I spent my child hood waking up at 5 in the morning and going up with my dad to help him out for the day. My dad is the egg man and will crack and cook 92 dozen eggs in 4 hours. I was so excited to bring Isla this year. I have such wonderful memories going with my dad and I couldn’t be happier starting this tradition with Isla as well. She enjoyed the fiddle music, seeing the planes and just took everything in around her.

My dad busy cracking eggs!

Isla loved all of the planes.





So serious!
Sunday night was also another tradition. My granny lives on a little lake and everyone in my family loves to fish so Sunday’s are always reserved for a fish fry! Usually about 20 people gather at my granny’s (Isla’s Gramma GG is what she calls her) and we stuff our faces with the most delicious beer battered fish!

Monday morning we did a little shopping at Wal-Mart and  then headed out to Calabogie Motor Sports where my husband had a 2 hour race car session. Dana is a big car guy, so for his birthday and Father’s Day gift my mom, dad, sister, her boyfriend and Isla and I all pitched in and got him a driving package where he got to have a theory class and then drive a really fast Mustang GT! I don’t know all of the particulars but it is a very fast car with an even faster track! Dana loved it and was a dream of his so I am glad we were able to give it to him. I was also “pressured” into going for a drive so I got to do 5 laps on the track with an instructor! Fast is not even the word I would use to describe my experience! It was so cool and honestly, I needed to feel that excitement and a little spontaneity in my life. I am so glad that I did it!

Dana getting pumped up for his drive.


Watching daddy at the track.

Over the past week Isla has also:

Started scooting and somewhat crawling all over the floor. She does what we call the “Army Crawl” where she moves from one end of the house to the other just by using her arms to pull herself along. It is the cutest thing and my goodness can she ever get herself from point A to point B quickly. The crawling is coming along and she can usually make it a few feet putting one arm and one leg in front of the other before falling over.



Isla also tried Mum-Mums for the first time! You know, those Styrofoam looking treats!? They may not look to appealing to us adults but Isla loves them! Most importantly, they have really helped to develop her chewing and putting food up to her mouth. She has become so much stronger at eating during the last week and I think these rice rusks have a lot to do with that! Now if only I could get her to pick up puffs off her highchair and eat them?! She puts everything in her mouth but not these. She loves to eat them but just can’t figure out how to put them to her mouth.


Open wide!

My mom purchased 2 new highchairs from Guzzie+Guss and we couldn’t be happier with them. They are portable so you can take them anywhere. It was great to be able to have meals with her out in my parents sun room without having to lug a big highchair from room to room. My parents gifted us one as well and I am excited to use it on weekend getaways and on our houseboat trip in July. I will do a more detailed review in the future.


The last week and a half has been a whirl wind of car rides, outdoor adventures and new things for Isla to experience and it has been so wonderful to see her grow. I swear this week she has grown 2 years and has learned so many new things. What a blessing to watch her bloom.

Happy almost weekend!

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