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Our days can be really busy! From running errands to meeting up for play dates, it is nice when we are able to spend a day at home with no plans and nothing but time on our hands. Have you ever wondered what a typical day for Isla and I looks like!? No, not really?? Well I am going to tell you anyways; rather show you in iPhone photos! I like reading these types of posts so maybe someone out there will enjoy this too!

The first thing I do in the morning before I get up and get Isla out of bed is do my morning devotions and check my phone for emails.
I then pour myself a big cup of coffee with plenty of flavoured creamer!
Then I get Isla up and nurse her and then we have breakfast together. It could be bananas and toast, oatmeal, vanilla yogurt and berries…whatever the mood is that morning. Isla lets me know pretty quick what she is in the mood for.
After we have a full belly it is playtime! Isla dumps her bucket of toys and we play.
Isla is very content with her toys. Now playtime has become more exciting because she is able to crawl from toy to toy and she is able to pull herself up on some of her other toys. And can I talk about her hair here!? So cute!!
After a few hours, Isla is usually ready for her first nap between 10:30 and 11am.
She falls asleep pretty quickly and will sleep about an hour and half.
While Isla sleeps I pick up the house and do laundry if it needs to be done.
Glamorous I know.
If the house isn’t a complete disaster and the hamper isn’t overflowing with clothes, then I will catch up on my DVR, read some blogs, or work on my blog.
When Isla gets up from her first nap, I nurse her and then we have lunch.
On the menu is hard boiled egg, peaches and strawberries! YUM! Then…you guessed it! More playtime. If the weather is nice then we spend it outside in the backyard. Isla loves my flower gardens and sitting in the grass.
After a fun filled afternoon, Isla usually goes down for another hour nap and nurses around 4pm. Lately, this nap may or may not happen. Some days she needs it and other days not so much. If she does nap, I get started on dinner for Dana, Isla and I. I try to make things that Isla will be able to eat with us, just less the ingredients. I love sitting down at the table together as a family.
After dinner, the 3 of us go for a walk. The evenings are great for all of us to unwind. Isla LOVES her walks. You can tell she is right in her glory when she is on the move, being outside and seeing new things. We get back at 7pm, bath Isla, read lots of books, feed her once more and she is usually in her crib by 8pm and fingers crossed she will fall asleep within minutes.

After Isla goes to bed, Dana and I watch TV, or I craft or do whatever is on my seemingly never ending to do list!

There you have it. Our day in a nutshell! How do you enjoy your days at home!?

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