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Our Top Picks for First Year Baby Books

Isla is definitely a lover of literature! We have read books to Isla since we brought her home from the hospital. It is part of our nighttime routine and even though she can’t tell me yet, I know that she looks forward to her story time every night.

For my baby shower last year, everyone was asked to bring a book instead of a card, so we have a nice selection of books going on. We have pretty much read through them all but there are definitely a few that Isla loves the most and she gets excited when she sees them. Any book with to-the-point words, contrasting colours and textures always gets Isla intrigued about learning.

Here are her favourites…ok and maybe my favourites too!

This is an enjoyable night time read. It’s like we are saying goodnight
to the world together. As Isla gets older, I envision her saying goodnight to everything in her room. She likes pointing to the bunnies in the story and the red balloon.

This is a fairly new book that Isla received as an Easter present and we love reading it together. She obviously loves it because of the baby faces throughout the book but she also likes that the pages pop open and that on every page there is the word “Peekaboo!” Once I say the word, she yells. It’s as if she thinks I am trying to scare her! Too cute!

Greatest night time book ever! Dr. Seuss can’t go wrong and this book is a winner.
Every page has a different texture and Isla immediately knows where they are once I turn the page. This is the last book we always read before bed and as we are reading it she always rubs her eyes. She knows that bed time is coming soon. I know this book like the back of my hand now. All I have to do is start saying it and Isla will immediately stop and listen.
I must find more of these books! These were given to us and I probably wouldn’t of found them otherwise. The pages are colourful, full of different textures and each book has a cute and simple story line. Once we get to the end of the book Isla always claps because she knows we have found her baby, monkey or teddy. Apparently there are lots of other books like these out there. I will have to get searching to find more!
This is such a sweet book. Again, Isla loves the little babies faces. Every time we read a page showing how baby feels, I do the same action on Isla. She loves it!
Isla doesn’t watch much TV but she loves watching Veggie Tale movies so naturally she LOVES this book. She is always pressing the button now because she loves the singing. At the end of this book there is also a mirror and she gets a real kick out of watching herself. Any chance to tell her about God is a special time in my book.

What are your favourite books to read to your little ones? I would love some recommendations for some new books. Please comment below.

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