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DIY Paper Pinwheels

Here is a super easy and super fun tutorial on how to make paper pinwheels
or fans as they are also called. I made a bunch for Isla’s first birthday and knew I
wanted to share with you. They add the perfect decorative touch! Best of all they can
be done for super cheap and don’t take long at all to make.
To make 1 fan you will need 3 pieces of scrapbooking paper and some glue. That’s it!

Turn the page over and start folding the page back and forth like an accordion.
The fold should be approximately an inch in width.

Once you have folded the entire page, fold it completely in half.

Here are all 3 pieces of paper folded and folded in half again.

Use a glue stick to glue each end of the individual pages together.

Then, when you have glued each 3 pages, glue all of the
ends together and each page and hold down for a moment.

Take the 2 ends that do not have any glue on them and glue
them and then pull them apart to attach to either end.
When you pull the glued ends together, this is what your finished product
will look like. See how easy that was?! I then used a hole punch to put a hole at
the top and then I attached some fishing wire to hang.

I hope you try making these for your next celebration. If you do, I would love to see pictures. Use the hashtag #ourlifewithisla on social media to show me your creations!

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