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My Top 8 Mom and Baby Phone App Picks

What would we do without smart phones and apps now a days?! Really though?! The things you can download onto your phone boggle my mind. Any application you could possibly imagine is available to you and bonus…most of them are free! I have quite a few of them on my phone, most of which I use on a daily basis just to make my life a bit easier and fun! I have some great apps that I would like to share with you that have helped me out both pre-baby and post baby. Maybe they will help you out too and who knows; one of these may be the only thing that quiets your baby while he or she is screaming their head off.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Baby Center – I used the Pregnancy app while I was pregnant obviously and it offered great weekly advice throughout my pregnancy. It sent updates right to my phone about how big baby was at that time and what your baby was experiencing inside. There are also helpful articles and fun tips and tricks throughout the app.

After Baby, the app offers weekly advice and updates on different stages of your babies development and what you can expect in the coming weeks and months. You can also upload your own pictures to the app and see how much your baby has grown month after month.

2. The Wonder Weeks – I am always surprised about how many people have not heard of this app. It is by far the best app I have on my phone for Isla. Basically it talks about babies mental and physical development and when you can expect your baby to go through different “leaps” as they call them. There are specific times that you may notice your baby is extra fussy, clingy, sleepy or just plain upset and every time I check this app for advice, she is always going through a certain development stage which is causing her to not be herself. With every “leap” they tell you what to expect, what to look for and things you can do to help your little one through these stages. I remember mentioning this app to Isla’s doctor when she was super upset one day and the doctor looked at me like I had two heads but the science is proven and give or take a few days, I can always count on this app to be spot on with what Isla is going through. There is also a book on this too if you prefer.

3. 450+ Flashcards – These are pretty straight forward but they are a great learning tool. Isla could spend hours swiping at the screen and looking at the animals, colours, numbers, shapes and the alphabet.

4. Baby Sign and Learn – We have been teaching Isla sign language since she was about 4 months old and I just recently found this app that we can do on the go. It has a library of words as well as the most common and helpful words to teach your little ones. There are also 2 cartoon babies that speak the words and do the actions. She loves the babies!

5. Fisher Price Baby – You will see 2 Fisher Price apps above. One is a shapes and colour game where Isla can play the piano and one has stories where you can sing along to “Row Row Row Your Boat!” The colours are bright and fun and it is the perfect distraction for a grumpy babe.

6. Baby Connect – This is an incredibly helpful app especially in the beginning. It let’s you keep track of wet and poopy diapers, how long you are nursing for, how many bottles, naps, sleeps, even your babies moods. You can also keep track of vaccinations, pick ups and drop offs and milestones. There is even a diary to keep random notes for yourself. All of your information can be kept in graphs and charts for easier reading.

7. Peekaboo Barn – I hear a lot of other momma’s talk about this so I thought Isla and I would try it out for ourselves and….it’s a winner! The voices of the animals are so sweet and the animals always make Isla laugh. There is a cost of $1.99 for the app. The free version will give you access to 3 animals.

Do you have any apps that you can’t live without!? What is your little ones favourite?! I would love to hear.

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