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Road Trip to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

If you are reading this post, our family survived the day at Ripley’s Aquarium! Since this opened last year, I have talked about how much fun it would be to go and take Isla. Friends of ours mentioned that they wanted to go to so yesterday was the perfect opportunity. We were on the road at 7:40am to make the almost 3 hour trip to downtown Toronto. Traffic was pretty crazy but we made it downtown and parked and at the aquarium a little after 11. Isla isn’t much for road trips lately. She slept the first half hour and was upset the rest of the tour. I had to move to the back seat to keep her occupied with toys and books.
I don’t know how I was expecting Isla to be but I think we chose the wrong day to leave the house. At some points she was very interested in everything that was going on around her. She LOVED the tunnel we went through and was in awe by all the water and beautiful fish around her. She also enjoyed all the kids that were around. I think it got to be a little much for her though. I figured that a Monday trip wouldn’t be as busy but boy was I wrong. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like there on a weekend! It was a bit extreme with too many people and not enough space. Throw in lack of naps and you have an upset baby. She was a trooper though and we tried to make the best of our time there.
All in all, we all had a blast. Adults, kids, babies…it doesn’t matter who you are. You will have a hard time not enjoying yourself. The beautiful things surrounding you are pretty amazing and it is not things you see everyday or even in a lifetime. There were lots of interactive things for kids to do and the tunnel you could go through was the best part in my opinion. There were stingrays, fish of all kinds, coral and SHARKS swimming all around you. It was a crazy thing to see and Isla loved it as did all of us adults. I think we were more excited than the kids!
I will let the pictures show the rest of our day. We can’t wait to go back!

The CN Tower

A giant octopus

The sharks were so cool! Scary but cool!

After looking through all the pictures, I realize that almost everyone,
Isla had something shoved in her mouth so maybe she was teething. Could of had a lot to do with her mood now that I think about it!


Of course, no trip is complete without a souvenir so we got Isla a book and stuffed sea turtle!

 Thanks for reading!

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