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5 Tips for Throwing a Fantastic 1st Birthday Party

Now that Isla’s party of the century is over, I feel that I should let you know of 5 valuable tips I learned during the whole planning process. Being prepared and organized is key and the more time you leave yourself the better. After all, I believe the First Birthday Party should be memorable even though your little one will never remember it!

{Prepare Early and Budget}

I can’t stress this enough. I hate to wish the time away but I started planning for this party when Isla was 7 months old. I wanted to make as many DIY projects as I possibly could and timing is what I needed. Starting early allowed me to watch out for sales and purchase things as I went and it allowed me to really think about what I wanted to do instead of doing something on a whim that had no thought put into it. Also, you never know what problems may arise so giving yourself the added time will make sure you are not freaking out in the end. Ok…you may still be freaking out in the end but at least it won’t be because you forgot to make the birthday banner!

{Timing is Key}

Have the party when your little one is at there best. Don’t have it during there usual nap time or when they would usually eat a meal. We chose to do it from 1pm to 4pm and it worked out perfectly. Isla usually wakes up from her midmorning nap by 12:45pm so she was in a fantastic mood all afternoon.

{Do Major Activities at the Very Beginning}

Open presents and sing “Happy Birthday” shortly after everyone arrives. Your babe will be in the best possible mood and you may avoid a meltdown. It will also allow anyone to leave early if they need to and they won’t have to feel like they are missing the most important parts.

{Keep it Simple}

This tip can be taken in a lot of ways. “Keep it Simple” to me means picking a theme, colour, animal or even a song title and sticking to it. Don’t stray away from your ideas. It will seem chaotic and like you through everything together. Food and drink should also be simple. Offering an appetizer, fruit and veggies are all you need.

{Take Any Pictures Before Hand}

This was a tip I wish I had known in the beginning. You can get so caught up with décor and food and greeting people that you forget to take the ever important mommy, daddy and birthday girl picture. By the time we realized we hadn’t gotten a family pic, Isla was cranky and tired and was not about to pose for the cameras. If we would of done it before everyone came to the party, or even at the very beginning, we may have gotten a good one.

I hope these tips will help you in planning your upcoming celebration! Would you have a tip to add? I would love to hear it. Comment below!

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