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WARNING! If you think you are going to come here today and get some amazing piece of story-telling…I am sorry to disappoint you. Honestly, I have been going through a bit of writer’s block today. I have a few posts I could go ahead and publish but for some reason they just don’t feel finished and I need more time. So today, you are going to get some pictures from our fantastic weekend back home at my parent’s place. It was a busy one with 2 surprise parties and spending lots of time outdoors! Here are some fun iPhone photos from the weekend.
This isn’t from the weekend but it was from Friday morning so that still counts and she looks cute as all heck so that double counts AND she was 13 months old that day.
Auntie Cali always spoils Isla and got her this cool writing board.
The markers are filled with water and when you write on the board it disappears after a few moments. It’s the coolest thing and Isla loved drawing on it.
Playing the guitar with gramps! She loves doing this with him. Side note: Isla loves her Nanny and Gramps. She always gets so excited when she sees them. She yells, laughs, smiles from ear to ear and you can tell that she really knows and loves them. On Sunday, my mom was holding Isla and standing beside my dad. Isla looked up at my dad for about a minute just staring at him. It looked like she was thinking so intently about how much she loved him and how cool he was. She then preceded to grab him right around the neck and put her arms around him. She cuddled him and it was the sweetest thing any of us had ever seen. I always knew Isla and her Gramps would have a close relationship like he and I do but that moment just made me so happy because you could clearly see the love that Isla has for him. It was really amazing to see her show that to him. Cheezy I know but so sweet to see your little girl show an emotion like that.
Isla in her new Summer 3D Lite Stroller. I will definitely be doing a review on this soon because it is amazing! My husband was the one that purchased it and picked it out. Great job honey!
We went up to Calabogie Peaks for the afternoon and rode the chair lift up to the top of the hill and took in the beautiful fall colours around us. If you are ever up in the Ottawa Valley during the fall, this is something fun to do. FYI if you have kids they need to be over 3 years of age.
The beautiful views say it all! Thanks for reading!

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