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11 Must Have Items for Babies First Year

This post has been a long time in the making. I have done monthly favs since Isla was born so I thought I would compile a list of the best of the best…in my opinion. I have edited it more times then I can count and I have finally come up with a list of our must haves items. Some are fun, some are mandatory and some are just plain lifesavers that I don’t know how I ever could of lived without it.

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 1. Swing – I think I have talked about this a hundred millions times but for us, this was the best invention and present ever! Isla is 14 months old now and we still keep it close by just in case. This is an extremely helpful item to have in your house. When I needed to get some cleaning done around the house, I would pop Isla in this when she was just a little gal. When she has trouble sleeping or napping I will use this and she will be out within minutes. When we were experiencing the 4 month sleep regression, this was the ONLY way we were able to get an ounce of sleep. This swing is also easy to take apart and store and can easily be transported from place to place if needed.

2. Bouncer – This was also a big hit for us in the beginning. Once again, if I needed two hands I was able to secure Isla in this and go about my business. The noises and vibrations also helped to sooth her if she was having trouble falling asleep.

3. Bottle Warmer – This is one of those “Do I really need this?” and my answer to that is HECK YES! I breastfeed and bottle fed Isla and having this was so convenient. I never had to full up a container and heat up water or let it boil and leave the bottle in for a few minutes and all that time consuming stuff. All I did with this but put in a bit of water, toss the bottle in and press the button. Within a minute I would have a perfectly warmed bottle of milk that was just at the right temperature.

4. Breast Pump – I started off with a manual pump in the beginning just to keep my supply up when I was first starting out nursing. This is a pretty boring task in general but even worse when you have to sit there and pump yourself. Not to mention it can take forever for only a few ounces. I was given a breast pump and I have never looked back. I was able to use batteries and hands free operation while vacuuming (funny thing to picture I know), doing things around the house and I was always able to pump a bottle in every sitting. Not to mention it gives you a pass as a mom. If you ever wanted to leave the house without your baby in tow, this would be your only option because daddy will be able to give a bottle that you pumped. I have tried a few other brands but the First Years is what I have been most impressed with.

5. Sleepers – These are a must to have especially sleepers with buttons that provide easy and quick access for diaper changes. We use sleepers for playtime and bedtime and were fantastic in the beginning with a new born when you don’t want to dress them up in a 3 piece suit. They make light cotton sleepers for the summer and cozy fleece and wool sleepers for the winter. The feet at the bottom also make them extra cozy for the upcoming cooler months.

6. Sleep Sack – This is another must have for the upcoming colder weather. For those that don’t know, it is basically a blanket that your baby would wear but you put it over them and it zippers up. It keeps them comfy and cozy without having to actually use blankets which is not a recommended thing to do. We always had a few of these on hand and were always used throughout the winter.

7. Parents Choice Products (not pictured)- I feel like I want to do a separate post on this all together for my love of this Walmart Brand. We buy the organic food pouches, the Omega Formula when we needed it, the wipes and diapers for when we travel and for daycare. I can not say enough about how fabulous these products are and how amazingly priced everything is. There are definitely some items that you can think “Do I really want to cheap out on stuff for my baby?” but honestly, everything about this brand is amazing and I would easily compare them to pretty much anything on the market. The diapers especially are half the price of any other diaper and I have had less leaks and blowouts with them. Go figure! If you are looking to save some cash then I would check out your local Walmart.

8. Baby 411 Book – In my opinion, this is a fantastic book for your babies first year of life. ANYTHING you could ever want to know is in this book for you. They break it down into categories and then go by age. Sickness, breastfeeding, eating, discipline, poop, bathing and tons of other info is in this book. They also have a Toddler 411 that I recently purchased and I am excited to get started on it.

9. Robeez – Shoes can be a hard thing to buy especially for those first few months. They are easy to take off and don’t offer any support especially when your little one is starting to stand up. We have a few pairs of these shoes and used them especially in the beginning. They have elastic around the ankle so they are easy to slip on and off and they stay on! No matter how much your baby kicks their heels and tries to pull them off, they can’t.

10. Lovey – There are a few names that float around for these things but basically its a little blanket that has a cute animal attached to the top of it. We received one as part of a baby shower gift and Isla has been loving it since she was about 8 months old. She cuddles with it, crawls and walks with it and naps with it. It is so popular and calming to her that we have one at the sitters and at my parents place so she always feels comfort no matter where she is. It also soothes her to sleep if she wakes up in the middle of the night. Babies love having something in their little hands while they sleep and this has been a huge win for us! We even have a backup if God for bid something was to happen to any of them.

11. Bassinet – Isla slept in our room for the first 6 months and this bassinet was right beside me at all times. It didn’t take up tons of room and was easy to move from room to room and it was collapsible so I could take it to my parents. It stood at the same level as our bed and it was great to roll over and pick her up effortlessly for those 3am feedings.


Digital Thermometer – Isla has been battling some sickness the last couple of weeks so this has reminded me how fantastic it is to have one of these. The convenience is great, not to mention the accuracy. It’s so easy my husband can do it!

I hope this list of our favourite first year items has been helpful to you. What have been your favourite things?! Please comment below.

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