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13 Month Update and Favourites

As this stage in the game, I feel like every day when I pick her up from daycare it seems like she looks more and more like a little girl. She just looks so grown up and it makes me so sad but man this month has been fun! Everyday she does something amazing and fun and she is learning so many new things.

Isla is back to some pretty good sleeping the past month. She has had a couple of colds and got 2 new teeth (6 in total) in so with that has caused a few long nights but nothing we can’t handle. She has been napping GREAT at the sitters which is something I was really worried about but she goes down no problem. I got her a soother and a lovey which is what she sleeps with at home and it has seemed to help her there. On average she naps once during the day and usually from 12:30 until 3/3:30pm. I am so happy about this because then I can bring her home and have her to myself all night instead of her being tired once we walk in the door.

Isla is still eating well and trying all sorts of new foods. There is nothing that she really doesn’t like. Breakfast seems to be her biggest meal of the day. She will down a big bowl of fruit, a whole banana, Rice Krispies and Gluten Free toast with peanut butter. A few weeks ago we fully stopped breastfeeding which ended up being a great ending for us. She is finally enjoying cows milk and we still do a bottle of that at night before bed. She has also recently started using a spoon and her hand-eye coordination amazes me! She is getting pretty good with it and only ends up with a bit of yogurt in her hair!

So many new things have happened in the last month. It is amazing watching her do so much. Last week she started taking a few steps here and there, she is talking a lot and saying “Mom”, “Dada” and “Uh-Oh”. She is also showing real emotion and giving hugs and cuddles and showing people some love whenever the mood strikes her. She is such a sweet little gal and as a parent that is what I pray for everynight. With all the sweetness though, definately comes a bit of attitude every once in a while. We always know when she wants something and will make that known by huffing and puffing, yelling and/or crying. She really gets into playing with her toys and loves playing with her “Little People”. We have also recently taken up drawing and I use the term drawing pretty loosly here people but she loves playing with her markers; waterproof of course and scribbling all over the place. She loves walking behind her walker and has recently found her tongue and loves sticking it out as she tours. She loves flipping through the pages in EVERY book she owns and is getting quite good at doing things when I ask her like “Can mommy have your cup please” and she will give me a sip of her water or “Isla dinner is ready” and she will come right over to her highchair. Smart little gal I tell ya!

She still HATES to be changed! What gives? I can’t change her diapers and forget about putting on any type of clothing. It is a wrestling match for a good 10 minutes. The only time she stays still is first thing in the morning when she is still waking up. She also does not like waiting for her food. I have learned to get all of her food ready and waiting for her before I put her in her highchair.

I am super excited for the next month when she starts taking more steps and just watching her personality grow everyday.

This month Isla is loving her:

Little Peoples PlayHouse – She loves playing with the baby the most and putting her in the crib and listening to her giggle. She also drives the car around and presses the phone button to hear it ring. 

Playskool Walk and Ride– She is on the move with this thing. Friends of ours gave it to us who used it with their kids and it didn’t disappoint. Isla will walk behind this for hours if you let her. It’s been a huge help with her balance and getting her use to walking. You can use it as a walker or as a rider.

Teeny Weeny looks for his mummy! – Book of the month right here! Isla is obbessed with the tabs and always pulls them immedialtely when I bring the book out. It is very interactive for her little hands and has bright colours and fun characters. She always knows when we have found mummy and at the end when I say “Yahoo” she claps and yells.


What is your little one loving this month?!

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