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Christmas Gift Ideas: Toddler Edition

Christmas has always and forever will be my most favourite time of year! The lights, smells, sounds and family time secretly makes me wish it was a year round event. 

This year will be particularly special because Isla will be more of a part of it. Last year she was present but slept through most of it. I guess that’s what a four month old does. This year she loves reading Christmas stories and loves to see pictures of Santa. 

Isla has some fun things on her Christmas list year that are great for all ages and she wanted to share them with you.

Clockwise from left to right

My Friend Huggles – She spotted this gal at Costco and was instantly a fan so of course Daddy had to sneak it into the cart for her.

Leap Pad 2 – I think these are great learning tools and fun for all ages. You can purchase Disney storybooks for them as well as other activity and learning games. Isla seems fascinated by anything technology related so I know she will love this.

That’s Not My Reindeer Book – This is such a sweet book and is a perfect addition to Isla’s collection.

Puzzles – Anything that involves putting something into something is a favourite of hers. She especially loves the old school wooden puzzles like these.

Shape Sorter – Again with the putting something into something! She is so good at it and I am sure this shape sorter will be a hit with her.

Washable Finger Paint Set – We have quite the artist on our hands over here. She loves drawing and using her crayons for just about anything and I think we may be ready to try some painting. Not sure if my husband is looking forward to the mess that will surely follow but she will love getting her hands in it.

Vtech 2 in 1 Shop and Cook Playset – This is a win win! A shopping cart and food are always two things that she gravitates towards when we go to the store. This super cool shopping cart comes with all the play food she could possibly want and the cart flips down into a play kitchen. If she is anything like her momma was as a little girl, she will be obsessed with this.

Vtech Touch and Teach Wood Book – I couldn’t imagine a more perfect gift for a 15 month old. It is an electronic book that teaches you all about words and sounds. There is music, stories and lots of other fun for her to have.

What is on your little ones wish list year?! Please share in the comments below.

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