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Hey there! It’s me again. Back from a fantastic Christmas holiday. The last week has been perfect. Filled with lots of memories, family, laughs, chocolate, delicious meals and more chocolate. I can’t wait to have all the chocolate eaten and out of my house and I swear to you that I will never eat chocolate ever again!

Last year was Isla’s first Christmas but she was so little and pretty much slept through it. This year, because she is turning into such a little child, I knew that it was going to be a super enjoyable week.

Our Holiday adventures started off last Saturday. We had my inlaws over to our place and Dana cooked us a delicious meal. After, we opened presents and we were all certainly spoiled. Isla has most definately inherited my organizational genes and this shows through daily. Her Nana and Popa brought a pile of gifts for her and they were kind of strewn about all over the place. She picked up everyone and stacked them in to a neat pile. After that, every present she opened was covered in wrapping paper and she would take each piece and take it to the garbage! It was the funniest thing. Girl doesn’t like her garbage. I can’t blame her! After gifts, Isla went to bed and the four of us enjoyed dessert and more wine. It was a great night to kick off the holidays.
Dana had to work on Sunday and then we were planning on leaving Tuesday to spend the rest of the week at my parents place. Dana found out that he didn’t have to work on Monday so we decided to send Isla to the sitters and we packed up my car with more boxes and luggage that you have ever seen. It’s times like this when I really want a van. We picked up Isla right after her lunch and decided to surprise my family a day early. 2 hours later, I had Isla standing at my parents door in her cute red jacket and she knocked on the door and Dana and I hid. My dad answered and I didn’t hear him speak for a few seconds and then I heard “Oh my goodness!” I thought he was going to cry. It also took him a while to notice her because he didn’t look down right away, he was looking straight ahead trying to figure out where the knock came from. LOL! We were very glad to make it up a day early because it turns out there was a lot of freezing rain in the forecast.

On Tuesday, we had an early Christmas dinner with my mom’s side of the family. My uncle and 2 cousins were home from out west and had to leave Boxing Day. My dad made the most delicious prime rib with all the fixings. #DennysKitchen
Christmas Eve started out with a walk outside and dinner at my parents. My dad smoked a turkey on his Big Green Egg and he made his famous potato balls. Everyone else chipped in and we had an awesome buffet. Isla got spoiled with some great gifts! After all the adults exchanged gifts, it was time for bed. I could hardly contain my excitement for Christmas morning. I got her gifts out and her doll from Santa and my mom got our stockings ready.
Christmas morning came and it did not disappoint. I took a video of Isla coming around the corner seeing the tree and her gift from Santa for the first time. She made a beeline straight for her My Friend Huggles Mia Doll and gave her a big kiss. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen! We drank coffee, opened our stockings and gifts and had a perfect morning with Dana, Isla, my parents and sister. We then packed up and went to my grandparents for the afternoon and had a late brunch, did our gift exchange and had meat pies for dinner.

Boxing Day literally consisted of movie watching and lounging on the couch with the fam jam! Dana and I did make a quick trip to Canadian Tire and bought a new kettle and toaster with money that we got for Christmas. 

Saturday came and it was time to say our goodbyes and pack up our car load of more bags and boxes than I could possibly count. A couple hours later we were home and the unpacking began.

Here we are on Sunday night and I have caught up on laundry, pretty much got everything put away and I am trying to get myself in the mindset that I have to go back to work tomorrow. Not looking forward to that at all! I could use another week off if I am being honest.

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and holiday season and I hope you are getting excited for 2015. I know I am and I am looking forward to a new year filled with lots of new adventures!

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