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5 Ways for Moms to Get Organized in 2015

I always feel like there should be a little more time between Christmas and New Year’s. To try and get everything organized from the holidays and then try to get things in good shape for the new year including putting away things from Christmas, writing down your goals for the new year, thinking of how you want to make 2015 kick ass…there just never seems to be enough time in the day.

Our house if definitely lacking a good deep cleaning and some organizing, so this month I am focusing on a few main things. I like the idea of this because that way I don’t completely feel like I am under the gun for getting these things done by January 1st.

1. Organize Toys and Play Area

Now that our basement is finished it gives us so much more space and we don’t have to have all of her things upstairs in our living room. The basement is pretty much going to consist of a space for Isla and myself. We were given a nice rug for Christmas and we now have that as the main focal point in Isla’s play area as well as her castle canopy from Land of Nod.  We also got her more shelves to store some toys and books and this will be her little space.

 2. Make a Designated Work Area

I would like my own desk and space to work. It works out perfectly because now I will have a corner in thebasement so anytime I need to be on my own, I will actually have a place to do so. I am going to bring my bookshelf down from our bedroom so I can have all of my pretty books near by, Dana got me a big crafting table for Christmas that I will have set up as my desk where I can blog and create AND he is also going to make me up some corner shelves so I can really make my space pop. I also want to purchase some desk organization from the Martha Stewart line at Staples and have an area set up that can hold all of my pens, sticky notes, papers and planner supplies. I just want it to be a pretty and simple space that will allow me to work when I need to.

3. Organize Spare Bedrooms

These two spaces seem to always become spots for junk to be dropped off and if I don’t keep up on it then things just accumulate. The rooms now house Isla’s old toys, baby supplies, baby clothing, old books and the list goes on and on. By the end of the month everything will be in bins, labelled and put neatly away for the future.

4. Deep Clean

Dana and I are going to take a Saturday and do a massive deep clean of our house. Baseboards, tops of fans, walls, you name it. Everything will be shining by the time we are done…then I will add these items to our monthly cleaning lists so that every time we clean it will get easier and easier.

5. Blog Organization

I want to update my profile picture on my blog, update my social media profiles and basically do some housecleaning of Our Life with Isla. I also want to set up a posting calendar and try to stick to posting at least a couple of times a week (if not more) as much as I can. Working full time and being a mom is hard work but I am trying to find the time to blog because it makes me so happy!

How are you organizing your life in the new year?! Let me know in the comments below!

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