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17 & 18 Month Update and Favourites

A year and a half has gone since my sweet baby Isla was born. What she has blossomed into since she was born 18 months ago is the most amazing thing. Every update I say the same thing and comment on how this month has been “the funnest” but truly every month just gets better and better!

Her little personality continues to shine through more and more. She is super funny, likes to be silly and enjoys being the center of attention. She is also very vocal and has most definitely found her voice and loves to make it known that she is here!  She loves being chased around the house, loves being tickled by daddy and loves spinning around in circles while doing the actions to Hokie Pokie. She loves giving hugs, kisses, waving goodbye, reading her books and bedtime. She hates when you help her do anything. She is Miss Independent and would rather do things on her own.
Her favourite TV show is still Bubble Guppies and it’s the only one she could sit down and watch an entire episode of. She also loves playing with my phone and has been known to delete an app or two!
She is still a great eater when she is feeling great. The last month she has experienced some major teething so her appetite wasn’t all there. She loves bananas, avocado toast, grilled cheese quesadillas, rice and pretty much anything you can put ketchup on.
Health wise, Isla is 23 pounds and has grown another 4 cm since her last checkup. The doctor also thinks her molars will be coming in any day now. She is also doing everything she should be doing at this stage in the game. So thankful! We have only battled a couple runny noses over the winter and one upset tummy…knock on wood!
With being 18 months old, we have for sure started to see some tantrums…they are not pretty! They usually never last long but I wish they never had to happen in the first place. She is testing her limits daily, climbing all over the furniture and giving slight “love taps” I call them when she gets upset about something. Hopefully that stops quickly.
She is getting more into Marley our dog and he also seems to be a bit more comfortable around her. She likes to pet him and calls him Mar. She is also saying lots of other words such as: Cat, pup, owl, seep for sheep, water, milk, banan and many others. I am so excited for the day when she starts putting sentences together!

She is obsessed with brushing her teeth. Actually let me rephrase that. She loves the thought of brushing her teeth. She likes bringing her stool over to the stink, standing on it and running her toothbrush under the water and then sucking on it. She is not a fan of the bubble gum toothpaste or when I have to do the brushing for her. Any tips on tooth brushing your little one???!

(Clockwise for top left)

Play Food – Isla could play with this stuff all day. She also has some plastic frying pans and she will toss around her eggs and chicken legs just like a pro. 

Baby Stella – This doll always seems to be a favourite but each month the interactions change. Now, Isla cares for her very gently. She sits her in her chair, gives her a bottle, fixes her hat and gives her kisses. I hope this is a glimpse into the future about how she will be with a little sibling around. 

Roar: A Big Mouthed Book of Sounds – You all know how much Isla loves books but she can’t get enough of this one. It’s always the first book she gives me at night. Whenever I point to the title she goes “Roar!” She also can point to some of the animals that I ask her to find and she can meow like the cat and bark like the dog. 

Magnetic Letters – These have spent a few months on our fridge until Isla really noticed them. She loves playing with the letters and helping daddy spell her name. Currently the letters have made their way over to the outside of the dishwasher. 

Bubble Guppies – I have a feeling that this may be the theme to a future birthday party. This is the only show she will remain still for and whenever I mention that it is on she freaks out and grabs her chair to sit down. 

Crayola Washable Finger Paint – Isla for sure has a creative side like me and she loves to paint and colour. These paints are the perfect thing for her. They are non toxic, come off easy and are in a great squeezable bottle. 

Random iPhone Pictures 


Miss Attitude!
Isla at her finest.
All ready for ice fishing!
Our little painter.
Sweetest little face.

Thanks for reading!

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