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Last week I came home from work and I pulled into the driveway and saw Dana and Isla both running towards the window. Isla had her arms going crazy with a big smile from ear to ear. I walked in the front door and we said our “Hello’s!” Isla and Dana scooted off around the corner somewhere and Isla came back out a few seconds later and handed me this beautiful piece of artwork for Valentine’s Day. 


I couldn’t even say anything and suddenly I had my head in my hands and I was crying like a little baby! Dana had to console me. I was so overcome with emotion that I didn’t even know what to do with myself. Isla has brought some artwork home before but this time it was extra special to me and she knew that she did it especially for me. You could tell she was so proud to show it off!

I have never been outrageously emotional but since having Isla, that has definitely all changed. Sad movies that I use to watch all the time and laugh at now have a different meaning to me. Pampers commercials get me choked up, The Sick Kids Hospital commercials will have me sniffling uncontrollably and don’t even get me started on the Kraft Peanut Butter commercial where the 2 Teddy Bears find each other and then fall asleep in the baby and mommy’s arms…I mean come on! 

I have come to the conclusion that now that I am a mom, I have started to look at things differently and I always try to find those sweet and touching moments that I may not have been looking for in the past. I allow myself to be a little more vulnerable in certain situations and to really allow myself to just BE in certain moments; whether I am crying like a baby, laughing uncontrollably or frowning at something I am not to fond of. I have learned that being overly sensitive in situations isn’t a bad thing and I hope that Isla will learn that too.

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