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Easy DIY Easter Egg Garland

Welcome to part two of Easter week! I love doing fun DIY’s around the holidays. Although I don’t get a lot of time to do them, they are enjoyable nonetheless. I found this one and couldn’t wait to do my own and use it as decorative Easter garland. It’s super easy, colourful and fun for anyone to do.
Here’s what you will need:
Tape / Washi Tape
Assortment of pastel coloured paint chips, preferably the ones with the white line separating the colours so it looks like a painted egg
Twine or string to attach and hang
A stencil of an egg to trace on your paint chips. NOTE: I had to play around with a few sizes for this one so I would get the entire colour and not the wording on the paint chip.

Step 1
Trace your egg stencil onto the back of the paint chips.

Step 2
Cut out your eggs. I stuck with a smaller scale garland and only cut out about 20 eggs.
Step 3
Line up your chips how would like them. I was going to go for an ombre effect but then I just decided to not over think it and put them together without looking. I flipped them over so I could see the back of the paint chip and then I lined the twine up towards the top of the egg and stuck it with some colourful washi tape.

Step 4
This is the hard part…deciding where to hang it!

Ta Da! There you have it. A cute and simple way to add a little colour and fun to any Easter set up that you may have going on in your home.

Are you planning on doing any Easter DIY’s?! Comment below with your ideas!

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