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Happy Monday Eve all! Here’s a recap of our weekend!

Friday’s are always my favourite. If we are staying in town for the weekend, it’s the first night that all 3 of us get to sit down for dinner. We made delicious spaghetti with my mom’s awesome pasta sauce that she sent home with us a few weeks ago and we all cheered to the weekend together.

Saturday morning started off earlier than usual. Isla wasn’t allowing us any time for extra zzz’s. We all woke up, had our morning coffee, smoothies and eggs for breakfast. We had some running around to do and I wanted to find Isla a booster seat so she can sit at the table with us now but no such luck. The one I wanted ended up being made for a car. I will continue to search! We also went to Baby Gap. I had a 40% off coupon and I really wanted to pick up Isla some of their popular jelly sandals for summer and a new bathing suit that I had my eye on for her. I will do a recent purchases post soon and show you what I got for her.
The rest of the afternoon was spent building super tall skyscrapers, colouring and getting Isla’s bike ready for lots of spring and summer touring!

Sunday morning started off with lots of coffee! The clocks springing forward means we lost an hour of sleep and I felt more tired than usual. I swear Isla grew another year overnight. She woke being a complete toddler doing the funniest things. All she wanted to do was wear her shades and read books. I guess she is getting pretty antsy for spring weather too! She also randomly came out with her hat on and wanted her boots and coat put on. She has really become interested in what she is wearing and how clothing is put on and taken off. She was also taking some pretty cute pictures and would say “Chhheeezzzzeee” when I asked her too! It shows in her smile.

The rest of the afternoon was spent keeping her from jumping off the ottoman and onto the couch. Baby girl has no fear and has spent most of the day banging into things and saying “Ouch!” She usually naps at 1:00pm but whether the time changed messed her up or not, she FINALLY went down at 3:30. Needless to stay, dinner was late and bedtime was even later. Wish me luck she stays alseep tonight.

Hope you had a great weekend and have an even better week!

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    Place Under The Pine
    March 9, 2015 at 11:56 pm

    That time change messed with our schedule too – bedtime was all over the place with the kids not sleeping. Extra coffee was a must on Monday morning 🙂
    Isn't it funny how coffee becomes so important when you are a parent?

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