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What’s in Isla’s Easter Basket – Toddler Edition

Hi all! Welcome to the last installment of Easter week! It’s crazy how quickly things can change in a year. What I was picking out for Isla’s Easter basket last year is a lot different then what she is getting this year. It is always so much fun for me to go out and pick the perfect items that I know she will love and more importantly that I know she will learn from.

This year, we got Isla a new swim suit from Baby Gap (sold out), a pair of shoes for the spring, a new dolly that I know she is going to freak out about when she sees it (my mom got some accessories to go with the dolly), a set of Little People to go with her Princess Castle, some Easter eggs filled with hair accessories, a bunny of course, fun sidewalk chalk, some new paint brushes and 2 new canvas’ for her to paint on. There will also be a couple of small chocolates in there for her to try but who am I kidding…there is no way chocolate would last until Easter if I got it now so I thought it was best to just tell you about it instead of showing you it in the picture. I didn’t want to go to overboard with the basket because she has so much already and she will be getting other things from family. Do you want to know a secret though? The painting items, bunny and hair accessories are all from Dollarama. These are all things she will make great use of now at her age of 19 months!

What’s in your toddler’s Easter Basket this year?!

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