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5 Reasons I Feel Like a Kid Again

When you first announce that you are pregnant and having a child, the one thing you always hear is how amazing it will be and how you haven’t experienced the most amazing love until you have a child. I completely agree with all of these statements but one thing I was never really told is how much fun I was going to have!

Fast forward nearly 20 months and I can honestly tell you that having a child has made me feel like a kid again and here’s why.

I Dance More

Between the “Hokey Pokey”, “Splash and Boots” and Country Music, there are a lot of dance parties that happen at our place. I have never been much of a dancer. Actually I will rephrase that. I have always liked to dance but I don’t have any type of rhythm. Isla definitely does so it is always fun to watch her dance to music. I will join in too because why not!? It gets my heart rate going and there is nothing cuter then watching her bust a move with her momma.

I Laugh and Smile More

These two things are so good for the soul and it is something you can always do more of. Laughing is a pretty consistent thing in my life especially since Isla came along. Everything she does is so funny and sweet. She definitely has a terrific sense of humour and watching her discover new things everyday always warrants a smile. I find it hard not to always have a permanent grin on my face whenever I am around her or thinking about her. More often then not you can find us having laughing fits on the floor over just about anything.

I Play Pretend More

When you get into your twenties you don’t really have the time to play tea party or dress up as your favourite Disney character anymore. Things like work and life in general seem to always get in the way and the fact that you may get laughed at if you show up somewhere in your Ariel dress that you wore when you were 10! I live for the moments when Isla and I can sit down and play dolly’s, or when she pours me a cup of tea and gives me a plastic cookie to munch on which are delicious by the way! I enjoy playing house with her, feeding Elmo and more importantly putting bear in his highchair so he can enjoy a delicious snack of paper. Don’t ask…apparently that’s what he likes. 

I Run Around A Lot

There are probably lots of times when our next door neighbours hear us and wonder what the heck is going on over there. Lots of times we can be found literally running around the house, back and forth, yelling, screaming, laughing, singing, playing hide and go seek and making forts out of pillows. There is nothing like chasing after your little one who is uncontrollably laughing to melt away a stressful workday.

I Dream More

Your imagination and dreaming BIG are things you should never let go of no matter how old you get. Isla makes me want to be better and succeed in my life everyday. I imagine her growing up, I dream of trips we will take together as a family, I think about what it will be like to take her to Disney World for the first time. Every thing is my life revolves around her now and what I can do to make her and my family happy. It is such a great way to live!

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