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Isla & Mommy Approved: {Parent’s Choice Baby Products}

You have probably read me blog lots about the Parent’s Choice Baby Products that we use from Walmart and our love for them so I wanted to dedicate my own review about some of their items that we use religiously and consistently repurchase! We like to stick to a pretty tight budget around our place and these products have allowed us to do that. Of course there are some times you go for the cheaper product and that completely backfires on you, but from our experience that has not happened to us with these products. Win Win in my books!

Here is what we consistently buy from the product line and what we love about it:


These are probably the most important item that we purchase. We are still cloth diapering but Isla uses disposables at daycare and anytime we are travelling for long periods of time. These have been absolutely amazing in my opinion. We have never had blowouts or major leaks and the diapers are great quality with cute designs. A box of diapers is $19.97, all day, every day! We started using them when Isla started wearing size 2 diapers. I have heard mixed reviews about the newborn diapers and that the sizing is a bit strange but I can’t comment on that because we didn’t use them then, but I can honestly say that they have been amazing for us! We also use their heavy wetter night time diapers and they are equally as wonderful. 


Naturally, I wanted to try the baby wipes too. We use the sensitive ones and Isla has never gotten irritated by them at all. They aren’t harsh smelling and have just the right amount of moisture on them. We buy them by the case which contains 800 wipes (8 packs of 100) for around $16.00 and again that’s the everyday price.


These come in packs of 2 and many can be found with really cute designs. The nipples are great and are orthodontic tested and BPA free. They are also really durable and clean and sanitize well.


Food Pouches

We made all of Isla’s baby food, but now that she is eating everything that we eat, we don’t really make purees anymore. We always have a few of these that can  be found in the cupboards of our house. I always have one in my purse just incase and I will pack them if we are travelling. Isla loves them and they are the only thing she will eat if she is having a bad day/sick/not wanting to eat anything with any type of nutritional value. Good thing these are organic and not made with any crap!


There were some points throughout Isla’s nursing when we had to use formula. I compared the top brands to the Parent’s Choice and the nutritional values and ingredients were the exact same for a quarter of the price. We used this formula on and off for a few months and Isla loved it. I loved the fact that it has probiotics and omegas and DHA. I would recommend it to anyone.

We have also sampled some of their puffs, yogurt bites and corn rusks which are all great too!

Have you ever used Parent’s Choice products? Do you have a favourite?!
Disclaimer – This is my own personal review. I was not provided any type of compensation by the company. I am just giving you my thoughts and opinions on products we love.

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