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What A Difference A Year Makes

I can’t believe how much my little baby is growing in to such a little person. The difference in the last year is insane. Isla is becoming more independent and I really notice the little bit of extra free time we have had lately.

This morning when I gave Isla her breakfast, I giggled when I thought about how I use to cut up her banana in to miniscule pieces and when I cut the crusts off her toast and diced them into the tiniest squares you ever did see. I had to watch her every bite and I would have a heart attack when she would cough and my immediate reaction would be to think that she was choking….which she never was. It would be a good 15 minutes before she would have her plate in front of her and then another hour to sit there and watch her eat piece after little piece of food. Now, I can give Isla a piece of toast cut in half, crusts still on and a whole banana peeled and she takes care of the rest. She is so mindful of what she puts in her mouth and I swear she counts her bites before she swallows. She will eat her whole meal with lots of time to spare before we have to head over to the sitters.

Picking her up at daycare is different too. We would be 20 minutes trying to get her dressed just to walk a minute up the street back to our home. Now I walk in, she runs to the closet and grabs her coat, boots and backpack and hands everything to me. She tries to put her boots on and she can even put her arms somewhat in her coat and will attempt to pull her zipper up halfway. More times then not I feel like I am forgetting something when I leave the sitters because it just seems to good to be true that we are out of there so quickly!




Bedtime is easy peasy now too! I don’t have to pour a bottle or a sippy cup of milk, wait for it to heat it up and then feed her before bed. This just recently ended; the milk thing before bed, but is it ever great to just brush her teeth, read her some books and lay her in her crib and listen to her say “Bye” to me when I leave the room. Who does this girl think she is being all grown up and all?! If she is anything like me, she will want to be doing everything on her own in no time. 

I will be excited to do it all over again if we are blessed with another little one but right now, those extra few minutes of laying in bed each morning are fantastic!

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