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19 & 20 Month Toddler Update and Favourites

Well this little girl of ours is now 20 months old and full of fun, love, laughter, yelling, screaming, running, playing, jumping, rolling, falling, tripping, singing and dancing! She is the craziest little gal with a personality that would make anyone’s day brighter!

The past couple of months we have seen a huge growth in Isla’s vocabulary. She is saying a lot of new words and starting to put some of them together. Her favourites are currently “shoes”, “apple”,”sock”, “bubble”, “circle” and “no”. She is incredibly smart and has the most amazing motor skills for a girl her age. She loves to build and organize things and I am sure she will engineer a massive bridge someday! She is always helpful and loves putting away the laundry and groceries and sweeping up after dinner. That’s her favourite thing to do!

Isla has gotten 4 new teeth in the last few weeks. During this time, we went through a couple of weeks with no sleep. I mean, I was going to work all week with literally an hour of sleep under my belt each night and it was not fun at all. I went to put on some of her 18 month leggings and they are pretty much up to her knees now so a big growth spurt just happened and that may also explain the brutal and restless nights.

She enjoys eating lots of different things and then the next day all she wants are grapes and yogurt. She is 25 pounds and a whole lot of girl who likes looking at her clothes and staring at her shoes all day. She loves hair clips and necklaces and can play princesses with the best of them.

Right now, Isla is obsessed with playing mommy to all of her babies. Her major favourites this month are her accessories and dolly’s from the You + Me line at Toys R Us.

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