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Helpful Ways for Better Sleep: Family Edition

Oh sleep! It’s a magical thing isn’t it? Try telling that to someone with a newborn baby at home or a family with 3 young kids, all who are experiencing some different form of “I don’t want to go to sleep” syndrome. We all know that sleep is wonderful and needed but in those early years of raising a family it can be tough and sometimes unheard of to get a full nights sleep without any interruptions. I have teamed up with, a fantastic furniture and home decor site, to give you a little glimpse into the nighttime routine in our household and what has really worked for us in getting Isla to sleep every night and staying asleep…that is the key. Throughout my 20 months of parenting, we have transitioned from bottles before bed and little lambs that make soothing ocean sounds but the one goal still remains the same; a good nights sleep with no kicking and screaming on our way to the bedroom.

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Here are my top 5 tips for sweet dreams!

Bath Time

This is an enjoyable time in our home. Every night after supper, Isla is always excited to get in the tub. Probably to wash off all of the pasta sauce she has managed to get all over her face and hair but that is besides the point. This is kind of like her wind down at the end of the day. Even for me it’s enjoyable and relaxing. I get to sit there with her and watch her play and I usually get a little wet in the process. We spend about 15 minutes in here, just enough time to avoid getting any type of major prunage. We lotion up, put on pajamas and then attempt to brush out her hair with as little fuss as possible.

Story Time

Isla loves books and she is reading them constantly. We started reading to her before bed the day we brought her home from the hospital so when we sit down in her glider at night with books in hand, she knows bedtime will be soon to follow. We read 4 books and switch out a few different ones here and there but “Goodnight Moon” is always in rotation…it’s her favourite! She also enjoys “That’s not my kitten” and “That’s not my dinosaur“.

Room Darkening Curtains

These are fantastic in my opinion. Especially this time of year when it is still light out at 8:30pm. You can get shades, blinds and curtains that will all offer the same thing; a dark room. Nap times are so much easier and it even keeps her room cooler during really hot summer days.


I don’t know how much Isla notices a fan in her room but I think she likes it enough that if I forget to turn it on before bed, she will happily turn the knob on herself. My husband and I always sleep with a fan so I think she got used to it when she slept in our room for the first 6 months of life. Her room is also right beside ours and the bathroom and I think it has been great for keeping her asleep at night. I am sure the white noise has helped to drown out some of the noise that we may make. Having a fan on is also great for airflow which is a huge bonus.

Lovey & Soother

Probably the most important aspect of Isla’s sleep routine is her lovey and soother. We have 5 of these scattered throughout the house, at my parents and at the sitters. It’s basically a smaller version of a security blanket with a little head attached at the top. Isla is OBSESSED and immediately puts it up to her nose when she gets it and closes her eyes. She will wake up in the morning and the “lovey” as we call it hasn’t left her side. She doesn’t use a soother all that much but loves one to sleep with. These two are the perfect combination to send her into dream world and like clockwork every night she is usually asleep within a few minutes. If for some reason I forget her lovey or it has been misplaced, bed time isn’t as smooth. I am sure this will pose a problem in the future when we try to retire the soother and the lovey but right now it’s what she loves and needs so who am I to take that away?!

I hope these tips will be helpful to you whether you have a wee babe at home or a 3 year old. The one thing I can’t stress enough is to make a routine and stick to it. Children thrive on routine and they need it and secretly love it!

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