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Father’s Day DIY

If you are looking for something fun and sweet for you and your littles to do for Father’s Day, look no further. I searched out Pinterest and there were a lot of fun options. What you will need for this activity is:

  • Paper or Canvas
  • Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Letter Stickers or Markers
  • Your Child’s Hand

1.Choose the colours that you would like to use for your little ones hand print. This will be the main focus of the picture. I had Martha Stewart paints left over so I mixed the red and yellow to get more of an orange colour. This paint in non-toxic so keep that in mind when choosing a paint that your child will be using and ultimately wearing!

2. Put the paint on their hand, trying not to miss any spots. I was expecting a super fun reaction out of Isla but she kept saying “wash pease” when the paint was on her hand. Go figure!

3. Put your child’s hand print, fingers facing out on an area of the paper you would like the fish to be.

4. Fill in other areas by painting seaweed, waves and a fishing line.

5. I was going to use sticker letters but I didn’t like the look of the black against the canvas so I used neon sharpies to write “I’m Hooked on Daddy”. Also don’t forget to document who made it and the year.

I loved doing this with Isla. It was easy and fun and she will be so proud to give it to her daddy on Father’s Day!

Hope your Tuesday is wonderful!

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