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May Favourites: Mom & Toddler

How are we into June already!? May seems like it disappeared in the blink of an eye. I guess June means summer, humid days and family vacations! May had some pretty standout favourites for Isla and I and we wanted to share.

Progressive VegeGreens 
I try to incorporate smoothies as much as I can into my mornings. This stuff has been amazing for me. I have my smoothie in the morning and then I will bring a scoop of this to work and mix it with orange juice midday. It fulls me with so many nutrients that I always feel fantastic after I have had it and when I continue with it, it makes me feel great everyday. It costs about $60 and should last you a month.

Boots 7 Instant Radiance Beauty Balm
 I have talked about this before but I still love it and use it everyday. It gives my skin such a nice glow and makes my makeup go on so much better. 

Rimmel London Colour Rush Lip Pencil in Boom Chic A Boom
 If you want it to feel like summer, swipe some of this gorgeous pink on your lips. It’s moisturzing, stays on and makes my skin glow.

From the Meadow Calendula Cream
Isla and I can’t get enough of this stuff. It’s natural and gentle and helps Isla’s scrapes, bumps and rashes. Did I mention it was all natural?! We get ours from From the Meadow, a Canadian company and we will be repurchasing again soon. I have also started using it on my face where I have more redness and I have noticed a difference in the tone of my skin when I wake up in the morning.

Carters Toddler Sneakers
These have been a daily staple in Isla’s spring wardrobe. They are sturdy, great to walk in, great for walking through mud, rocks and uphill. They clean up really well and are neon pink so you can’t go wrong.

Old Navy Soft Pants
I am obsessed with these and want 10 more pairs! Seriously! These are comfortable, lightweight and have some great prints that make them dressy enough for work.

Did you have any favourites in May that Isla and I should be trying out?! Comment below.

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