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Things Isla Says: Toddler Style

Isla is fully talking now and it is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen or heard in my life!
She is trying to say and repeat so many things. She is getting so good at gesturing and communicating things that she wants and needs.

Here are some things that Isla has said that has brought such a smile to my face and made me giggle!

Isla’s says:

“Woah truck! Vroom!” She means “Woah truck! Vroom!”

“See ya soon Marrrrrlllllleeeeyyyyy” waves goodbye. She means “See you soon Marley”

“I teat!” She means “I tooted”

“Mommy ook it!” She means “Mommy look it!”

“Eww mommy sneaky.” She means “Eww mommy that’s stinky.”

“Go outtide.” She means “I want to go outside.”

“NO!” She means “NO!”

“More chup please.” She means “More ketchup please.” Girl can’t get enough ketchup!

“Cean upppp, Cean upppp!” She means “Clean up, clean up everybody clean up!”

“Cacka pease mommy cacka.” She means “Cracker please mommy.”

“Mommy, daddy, Isla, Caylie, Nanny, GG, Muck!” She means “Mommy, daddy, Isla, Cali, Nanny, GG and Gramps!” Don’t ask where Muck came from but she loves calling my dad that.

“Ev hause.” She means “Let’s go to Ev’s house.”

“Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, buuuuubbbbblllleesss!!!” She means “Give me my damn bubbles!” Seriously though she is obbessed with her bubbles!

Every day she is learning new words and repeating so many things back to us. She is such a smart girl and it is so amazing watching her grow! Anything fun that your little ones are saying?!

Thanks for reading!

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    Place Under The Pine
    June 27, 2015 at 10:42 pm

    Our two and half year old yells "YELLO" instead of hello.

  • Reply
    Melissa (My Turquoise Home)
    June 27, 2015 at 10:52 pm

    lol! That is so cute! Isla loves to say "HI!" She says it to everyone she sees!

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