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22 Month Update and Favourites

It’s official. If you went back through every single blog post I have done about Isla’s monthly favourites, they would all have the same first paragraph “this has been the funnest month ever.” It is true though. Every day with her is just better then the next. She is learning and really growing into her own little person. It really is incredible when I think about what she was doing this time last year. More and more everyday, she is showing  personality of both her dad and I.

One thing that comes out every day is Isla’s love for organization. She for sure takes after me in this sense but it’s funny to see it in someone so small. Don’t get me wrong, she loves to make a mess and doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty but if something is out of place, even by an inch she will notice. At daycare she knows exactly where every toy goes. Everything must be put back perfectly in it’s place. If she builds a skyscraper out of legos, every single lego has to be taken apart and put back in the bag. The whole skyscraper just can’t be thrown in. When we all get home and take our shoes off at the back door, you better make sure they are straight and in there place. When she pulls her stool up to brush her teeth, she always makes sure that it is perfectly in the center of the sink. The other day when we were at my parents, she picked up a ball from a huge line up of other balls. She tossed it back when I told her we had to go. She was about halfway to me and she turned right back around to put the ball back in the same place where she got it! It’s really incredible. Her memory and attention to detail is insane. It really makes me think about what she will be when she grows up. She will definitely change the world with her smarts!

Isla still reads all the time. She is saying so many words and starting to put them together in sentences. Her favourite things to say are car and truck. She will wake up from a dead sleep and say “mommy’s car” and every time we are out and she spots a car the same colour as mine or her dad’s it’s always “daddy’s car and mommy’s car!” The word truck is also a close second. Yesterday she said a full on sentence! “Daddy go in da car!” You can read some of her favourite words here.

Isla is sleeping great (knock on wood) eating fairly well and loves to spend as much time as possible outside. She can’t get enough of her water table, bubbles and helping me water the flowers. She is so helpful. It is the sweetest and most amazing thing ever to know that she is like that. If something is spilt on the floor she immediately runs for the broom or washcloth and cleans it up. She is very independent and wants to do everything on her own, which as you may have guessed can cause some problems but none the less it shows her love for learning and growing up.

This month Isla can’t get enough of her blanket and lovey. She has become really attached to them and can usually be spotted walking around the house with them and even trying to sneak them off to daycare. She also has a new favourite book called “That’s Not My Lamb” and she loves sorting shapes and trying to say the colours with her “Green Toys Shape Sorter“.

In less than 2 months our baby girl will be 2! As sad as it is that she is growing up so quickly, the days right now are so fun and every day new memories are being made.

What are some things that your little one is loving this month? Comment below!

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