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30 Years Old?!?!

You guys….I turned 30 years old yesterday. Insert really sappy violin music here please. I can remember so vividly turning 10 years old, standing in front of the bathroom mirror at home saying “I am 10. I am officially in the double digits!” I can remember that moment and feeling like it was yesterday but really it was 20 friggen years ago! How does that even happen!?

I have been dreading this birthday as I am sure most people do. I think a lot of people feel that 30 is an age where you should of accomplished some pretty incredible things in life. I am here to tell you that I don’t think that is the case. I think your 30’s is when life really starts. I think that your 20’s are just to get you ready and prepared for all the fantastic and wonderful things that are going to come your way. 30 and fabulous! Sounds pretty good right?! Don’t get me wrong. I am super happy with what has happened so far. I am married to a wonderful man, we have a home, a daughter, family and friends; all the things that really matter. My 30’s will be my time to really be thankful for what I have and to not focus on the things that I don’t. My 30’s will be filled with looking on the brighter side of life, not stressing over the littlest things that really don’t matter and focusing on the things that truly make me happy. If I am not happy with something, I will change it. Simple as that.

I hope to give Isla siblings when the time is right, show my husband everyday that I love him, be happy with who I am and what I do and continue to follow the path God is leading us on that I am sure will guide us to a bright future. Yup….my 30’s are sounding pretty good!

If you are 30, how did you celebrate your birthday?! I would love to read your comments below.

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