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A Surprise Weekend

Boo to Monday already! I am sitting here on my lunch break typing up this post and I am smiling when I think back to the awesome weekend I just had. Weekends like this are what summer and life is all about.

On Friday Isla and I made the 2 hour trip to my parents place after work. Dana had to work until Saturday so we made the trek by ourselves. Isla was a great traveller and slept most of the way. When she wasn’t sleeping she was happy just sitting there and looking at the rain that was falling on the windows. We made it to my parents place and she went right to sleep not long after we got settled and unpacked. I spent the rest of the evening sitting out in my parents sunroom chatting with them and drinking a cold beer!
Saturday morning we made our way to my grandparent’s. My uncle was here from out West (the main reason why we came home) so we spent the day out at the farm. We had some snacks, ran around outside, played games, my dad played with his drone and then we had fajitas and tacos for dinner. It was a super hot and humid day so sitting out on my grandparents veranda was the best place to be. We didn’t get home until almost 10 which is way past Isla’s bed time. The girl ran around and played so much that I don’t even think her head hit the pillow and she was out cold! Dana ended up surprising us all and showed up at 11 o’clock just as we were all hitting the hay.
Sunday morning to my surprise, Isla was up earlier then usual. We started our morning with breakfast and coffees on the porch while the sun came up. We then got into our Sunday best and went to church. We really wanted to make it to the beach but Isla slept for almost 4 hours in the afternoon. Clearly she was tired from the festivities before. I relaxed around the house with my family until I became suspicious when I saw my mom and dad writing down lists and whispering in the corner. Suddenly it all became clear. I wasn’t leaving for home at 4pm like I thought I was and Dana just didn’t pop by unannounced because he felt like it. Who was I to think that I would actually get away without having my family plan a surprise party for my 30th!? Rookies I guess. Rookies think that just because they say “No surprise party” does not mean that anyone will listen!
A few hours later I was surrounded by my entire family playing corn hole, laughing, chatting and eating a fantastic bbq! To top it all off I got my favourite ice cream cake from Dairy Queen and 30 candles to blow out! I definitely wasn’t expecting it and it was awesome having everyone together. Isla loved being around all the action but I am pretty sure she loved eating the ice cream cake more!

Once again this weekend proved to me what I already know and that is that I have the greatest family ever! To celebrate with me like that was truly special and I am so grateful that Isla gets to be a part of it all.

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