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Summer Staples for Mom and Babe

Summer is in full swing! We have been taking full advantage of all things outdoor related and we sure are loving it! Bbq’s for dinner? Yes please! Walks to the park before bed? Why not! Early morning farmer market strolls? Of course! Popsicles by the pool? I will take 3! Isn’t summer the best?!

Isla is super outdoorsy and most days it’s hard to get her inside for anything. Now that it is officially summer and most days consist of some pretty hot and humid temperatures (I am not complaining) it is super important to keep yourself protected from the outside elements. As much as I hate to admit it, more often then not I wouldn’t really think about sunscreen when heading outside and if I forgot my water bottle at home, who cared! Now with Isla I am a little more conscious of what I should be doing before we go outside as I want to set a good example for her.

Here are some of my essentials for myself and Isla when we are ready for some real summer fun!

Bathing Suit
Depending on how I am feeling it may be this cute 2 piece from La Vie en Rose or an equally cute one piece. For Isla we are big fans of the 2 piece rash guard suit from Baby Gap. It covers up so well and the bird pattern on it is so sweet!

Obviously a big importance and a habit I want Isla to have as she grows up is wearing sunscreen. We have used a few of the natural sunscreens that are out there but our current favourite is from Banana Boat. It’s less greasy then others we have tried and it goes on really well. I usually use it too or the Equate brand from Walmart that I really like. I am also a huge fan of Jergens BB Body in the summer. It keeps your skin hydrated and glowy.

Isla never steps foot out of the house without her hat. She loves her polka dot one from Carter’s and I love my white floppy straw hat. It makes feel all chic like I am going to a horse race or something when I wear it. Fake it till ya make it right?!

These need no explanation and surprising enough, Isla loves to wear hers and very rarely takes them off when we are outside. I usually have 4 or 5 pairs scattered throughout the house and in my car but I am currently liking these pink ones that were given out at my friends wedding a few weeks back.

All Isla has ever really had to drink is water. She loves it so much and can always been seen carrying around a water bottle. She is getting really good at not using a straw or sippy cup so she has been using the blue one from the Dollar Tree and I have been using my pineapple cup from Walmart only because it’s a pineapple of course! How cute is it!?

Throw in some summer tunes in the backyard, sunshine and the sprinkler and we are ready to enjoy the outdoors!

Is there anything I have missed that should be on this list?

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