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Isla is Two!

It’s hard to believe how much our lives have changed in two years. It’s even harder to picture what life was like before you came into our lives Isla. Today you are two and it marks the happiest two years of our lives. What joy your larger than life personality has brought us!

You are the sweetest little girl I have ever known. You like to give hugs and kisses and when someone is upset or crying you always ask “you ok” and pat their back. You always want to make sure that everyone is taken care of and is happy. You would give a baby your lovey and someone your last cracker if it would cheer them up. You love people. You love being around them and saying hello to everyone on the street. You especially like boys and you always flash your pearly whites in their direction.

You love to help with the laundry and sweep the floor when you make a mess. You like to feed the dog and help me with yard work. You want to do it all on your own and you want to do it right the first time.

Your attention to detail is scary sometimes. You know where every toy goes and if something is out of place. You like things organized and tidy but never shy away from making a little bit of a mess. You love colouring, painting and doing anything that’s creative. We always wondered if you would be a lefty like your daddy but you have shown that is not the case by the way you hold your crayon perfectly…with your right hand.

You love the outdoors! You never met a splash pad or a playground that you didn’t like and you always enjoy trying new things. The highest slide doesn’t scare you and the steepest hill doesn’t slow you down.

You love animals and you always like to give Marley kisses before you go to bed. You love to read all sorts of books and your favourite spot is the kids section at Chapters. Your eyes always light up when you see that place. You love trucks, boats and anything that makes a loud noise.

You enjoy road trips, fish frys and running through the grass like no one is watching. Most importantly you love your family, friends and going to Ev’s house. I love seeing how you love your little life and everyone in it. I can’t wait for everything else that’s to come…but it can slow down a little.

Happy Birthday my beautiful girl!

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