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MTH Mom of the Month {August 2015}

Happy Monday and welcome to August!

Motherhood is the single most amazing thing I have ever done in my life and being a mom and having a family should be celebrated. I am super excited to introduce you to My Turquoise Home’s (MTH) Mom of the Month. Every month I will feature someone who is just like all of us; the veteran mom, the new mom, the mom who never ever sleeps and the mom who drinks 6 cups of coffee a day just to keep her head above water.

I want to share these moms with you so you know that you are not alone. If they have something to share, a piece of advice or even a quirky antidote, I want you to know all about it and know that we are all in this together. So without further adieu, meet Michelle; a fellow blogger and outdoors enthusiast at Living on Life that I spent a lot of time with during my teenage years. She is a new mommy to Lux who was born on March 23rd, 2015. Here are some questions I had the chance to ask her.

In your opinion, what is the most amazing thing about being a mom?

The most amazing thing about being a mom is loving something more than you ever knew was possible. And watching your little one grow inside of you and then again on the outside.  It’s the most amazing feeling ever.

What is the biggest milestone your little one has done so far?

Rolling over from tummy to back, sitting up (with help/support) and finding her feet (might be the cutest milestone ever).

What are your top 3 baby items or products that you can’t live without?

1. Covermeponcho – It’s a poncho that acts as a nursing cover, stroller & carseat cover, blanket and burp cloth.  It helps provide shade when there isn’t any and although I don’t use it as a nursing cover (because Lux doesn’t like being covered) it helps keep her focused while eating because of the pattern and stretchy fabric to play with.

2. Kangaroo Care Nursing necklace – helps keep her focused while nursing and it is also safe for her to chew on so while we are out she can chew on my necklace and I don’t have to worry about it hitting the floor and cleaning it off every time.  It also can act as a mobile, I just take it off and swing it above her and she will try to reach for it.

3. Bumkins Wet/Dry Bag – We do cloth diapers and this is extremely handy for when we are out and about.  There are two compartments so we can put the clean/dry diapers in one section and the wet/dirty diapers in the other.  We have also used this bag as a beach bag for our wet bathing suits and as a travel bag for her bath stuff.

You just got back from Vancouver and flew with Lux for the very first time. Any tips on flying with a baby?

I was really nervous about flying with her but it went extremely well.  I nursed her during take off and landing to help with her ears popping.  If you don’t breastfeed than you could use a pacifier, your (clean) finger, or a teething toy for her to suck/chew on during the ascent and descent.  We brought a few toys for her to play with but found she slept the majority of the time.  I recommend going to the bathroom any chance you get because once your little one falls asleep on you, you probably won’t want to move until they wake up which depending on the length of your flight, it could be the whole time.  A pillow to rest our baby on while asleep was also very helpful.

If you could give your baby a message or hope for the future, what would it be?

Be yourself.  Never regret anything that once made you smile. Spend time outside and smile as much as you possibly can.

Any advice for us moms out there that you would like to share?

Try not to let other peoples advice or comments get to you unless it’s advice you have asked for.

There are two things I hate about parenting:
1. Cutting my baby’s fingernails
2. Other people giving me unwanted parenting advice or commenting on my parenting
As long as you and your baby are happy (most of the time – we all know they will cry) that’s all that matters.

Thank you so much to Michelle for being a part of this! Lux is so lucky to have you!

Would you like to be featured as my next Mom of the Month? Email me at! I would love to work with you!

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