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Monday already!? I am still thinking about this past weekend and how fantastic it was!

A little breakdown for you.


Friday my parents came in to town and picked Isla up from daycare. We all had dinner together and then my parents took over and bathed Isla and put her to bed. Dana and I got out on our own for a bit and got to do some Christmas shopping. We got quite a few people knocked off our list. I don’t know about him but I am pretty much done!


Saturday morning Isla made her first gingerbread house and then we all headed out to a local craft fair. It’s always nice to check out handmade goodies, especially at this time of year. We also made a trip to Toys R Us where I picked up a couple more things for Isla and a couple new things for baby number two including a new nursing pillow and the 4Moms Rockaroo. We already have a baby swing but I would rather have one at my parents and one at our place instead of lugging the bigger one back and forth. So excited for the Rockaroo as it won’t take up as much space!


We then headed home for lunch and naps (sort of) and then headed out to the Kingston Santa Claus parade. Ours is held at nighttime so it is always so beautiful with all of the Christmas lights. Isla was a hoot yelling “Merry Christmas” to everyone on the floats. She enjoyed herself so much. The highlight of course was Santa Claus but nothing can match the face she had when Olaf came to say hello to her. I will never forget it. Her eyes were a big as the moon and her smile was like “Is this really happening? Am I seeing Olaf right now?” It was priceless!


Sunday was filled with the usual trying to fit yourself into the Lego bag trick, relaxing, laundry and lots of playtime and napping. We made a quick trip to Carter’s to pick up Isla some Christmas jammies and any last minute decorating odds and ends were picked up at the dollar store. Isla now has her very own Christmas corner in her room. We are officially ready for the holiday!


Hope your weekend was magical!
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