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Because I am cheesy and can be nosey at times, I am always interested as to what people do in a day, especially us moms, whether we go to work or stay at home with our kids.

Wake up time. We may or may not hit the snooze button a couple of times. Some mornings are easier than others. Isla is either ready to go and says “time to get up mommy” or she is still sleeping like a log in her room. It doesn’t take much to wake her though and she is up out of bed with more energy than I could ever muster up in a day.

Breakfast time. Usually it’s something relatively quick and easy but she always has her choices. She loves oatmeal with blueberries, Cornflakes (or snowflakes as she refers to them), yogurt, smoothies and scrambled eggs. Some days she gets a treat of toast with Nutella! Breakfast either goes very smoothly with very little cleanup and Isla leaving with a full belly, or she freaks out, says she’s not hungry and dumps her oatmeal on the floor! While Isla is eating breakfast, Dana is doing the same so I take this time to put on my makeup, brush my hair and get dressed. I can usually be ready in 10 minutes flat!

Time to attempt to get Isla changed while Dana is in the shower. Again, this can either go two ways. Easy peasy or one of us ending up in tears. 

Isla plays with her dolly’s and feeds them their breakfast almost every morning. By this time, I take a 5 minute breather and sip my coffee and do my morning devotion.

We make our way into the bathroom, I brush Isla’s hair, put in the clips she chooses and we all brush our teeth.

Time to get ready to take Isla to daycare. Snowsuit on, boots on and backpack all ready to go. If we are leaving the house at 8am we are having a good morning!

Just leaving the house now. Of course Isla’s diaper had to be changed so off comes the 20 layers of clothing and on goes a new diaper. Let’s try this again!

Make our way across the street to daycare just in time for the sitter to be packing up all the kids in the stroller to walk up to playgroup at the local elementary school.

Make myself a smoothie and coffee to go, pack myself a little lunch, chug back my probably cold coffee and make sure I am out the door by 8:30.

Stuck in a little bit of morning traffic but nothing Big G and Matthews can’t fix by telling some of their funny jokes on the radio!

Made it to work! Do my duties, take my lunch break which usually involves working on the blog or other business ventures I have planned and usually check in with Dana and the sitter to see how their days are going.

Out the door. Another work day is done and I can’t wait to pick Isla up!

Arrive at the sitters to get greeted with a loud “Mommy’s here” and a big hug. I get her things packed up from the day, oohh and aww over the artwork she did and then make our way across the street.

Contemplate what to do for dinner. I really need to be more prepared for this. If Dana isn’t home, I am struggling. Pasta it is! It’s one of the few things that I can make well and that Isla will eat up!

Dinner is served and because Isla ate all her dinner and used her manners at the table, we can eat a little bowl of ice cream for dessert! I am the best mom tonight!

Bath time! 

Bath time ended quickly. Tonight she was all about splashing me with water and trying to drink the bath water. No thank you!

Lotion is on, pajamas are on and hair is brushed. For the next half hour we play and usually do something relaxing. We colour or do puzzles…pretty much anything that will keep her mind going but will also relax her at the same time before bed.

Isla brushes her teeth and then she picks out the books she wants to read that night. She is currently loving “Olivia meets Olivia” which I try to hide every day and she always manages to find it (I am not a fan) and “I’m a Big Sister” is still on repeat.

Time for bed! Now, this can either go two ways. Let me show you the scenarios shall we?!

Scenario A
She hops up into her big girl bed, turns on her light up turtle that projects stars on her ceiling, snuggles into her lovey, asks me to sing her “Jesus Loves Me” and she drifts off to sleep. I can then enjoy some adult time with my husband, watch some shows we have recorded or work on blog posts. I usually make myself some peppermint tea and enjoy the evening.

Scenario B
She hops up into her big girl bed, turns on her light up turtle that projects stars on her ceiling, snuggles into her lovey, asks me to sing her “Jesus Loves Me” and she drifts off to sleep…or so I thought. 5 minutes later she is screaming at the top of her lungs “No sleep! I don’t like sleep” as she throws all of her blankets and stuffed animals over the baby gate, hoping someone will come by and pick them up for her. 50% of the time she will eventually relax long enough to fall back asleep on her own. The other 50% of the time she ends up in our bed because it’s 1am and she still hasn’t fallen asleep!

Every night I hope for ‘A’ to happen. If it does, I can usually enjoy a productive evening and be asleep by 11pm. If ‘B’ happens then all bets are off and you best believe we are starting the next morning with copious amounts of coffee!

What does your typical day look like?! I would love to hear about it.


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