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My Favourite Mom Friendly Apps

I really really try to not rely on my phone so much. Some days I succeed at it and other days not so much. It is so easy to get things accomplished on the go now and I feel that as long as I am using it for productivity (most of the time) and that it is not interferring with time spent with my daughter and family, then I feel ok about it and usually pretty pumped that I was able to pay all of my bills while waiting at the doctors office!

I have a few apps that I love to use. They offer me inspiration, organization and just plain old fun! Here are my top 7 (because who likes an even number) mom friendly apps.

Probably my most favourite app ever and the best form of Social Media in my opinion. I can’t get enough of it. Not only is it fantastic for me as a blogger and trying to get my brand out there but it is a great resource for moms. Simply search #motherhood and you will find millions of mothers who may be going through the same thing that you are. You can comment and get to “know” other people online. If I am looking for a unique product or a new line of baby blankets, this is where I would go to search first. Memory keeping is an important aspect of this app too. All of your photos are in one place. You can edit them as much as you like, add pretty filters and you can even get them printed out and mailed right to your door with sites like Social PS. I use Instagram to post family pictures, blog posts, design…anything that I want to share and remember.

Hi. I’m Melissa and I am addicted to Pinterest. You may have heard this said a few times before from many other people. Anything you ever want to find can be found here and if anyone ever tells you “I was only on Pinterest for 5 minutes” they are lying! Need ideas for toddler meals, Pin It! How about nursery décor? It’s there too. Need some inspiration for a new mom hair style or want to know how to get your little one to sleep through the night? It’s all there and displayed so perfectly for you. The best feature is pinning something for later. Everything will be saved for you all in one spot and easily accessible for the future.

I am fairly new to this app but I love it. My sister introduced me to it and I am glad she did. Basically it travels back in time to pictures and statuses you may have posted a year ago or even 5 years ago. Best part is that you can re-share them again to social media. Great for all the mother’s out there that feel like time is already flying by way to quickly!

Who doesn’t like to save money and look through flyers?! This app offers both. Every weekly flyer you could possibly think of that’s available in your area can be found on this app. Simply click an item and it will be put into your shopping list. You can also compare pricing on items and get coupons and deals for just about anything.

Baby Connect
This app I used constantly when Isla was a baby and I still use it occasionally. It’s very useful in the beginning to keep track of dirty diapers, nursing, bottles and sleep. Now I use it for milestones and doctors visits and to keep track of her vaccines. I plan to continue to use it when baby boy arrives in the spring!

I think you have to pay for this app but it is worth it in my opinion. It allows me to save links to sites I am cruising, make notes to myself, journal things down, makes reminders, create lists and even do voice notes to yourself. Everything of importance to you can all be found in one place.

Pop Sugar
I have to add this in because who doesn’t enjoy celebrity gossip and other pop culture news?! This app sends me updates to my phone like who is dating who, who is divorcing who and also offers me great articles that are buzzing around the world wide web. I get lots of inspiration from here about potential blog posts and it also keeps me updated with all things parenting and motherhood related. I really enjoy how everything is searchable in my groups and all the most popular articles are always on the main page of the app.

What are your favourite apps at the moment? Anything I should be adding to my phone?


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